Man of the moment: OSCAR THE GROUCH!

OSCAR THE GROUCH :You are this week’s man of the moment!

One of his favorite things in the world is trash. He adores it so much that he made a song called “I love Trash.”

Oscar has a cool pet named Slimey that he considers his best friend. Plus Slimey is a worm! How many people can say that their best friend is a worm?! They met one day while Oscar was walking through the park while it was raining and past some worms playing in a mud puddle and noticed one worm playing alone.The worm saw Oscar and wiggled himself on his shoulder and fell asleep . Even the meanest of grouches still have a heart deep down somewhere and Oscar took him back to the trash can abode and named the worm Slimey. Thus cementing the cutest and oddest of friendships on Sesame Street!

Oscar the grouch went through a bunch of color changes first they wanted him to be purple

Then on the show he went on as an orange grouch

But then Oscar took a vacation to a place that was super muddy and grimy and had so much fun that he never took a bath or shower since then! So he quickly became the green color we all came to recognized!

Oscar the grouch has many great reasons why. His owns a car called “Sloppy Jalopy”.

Bruno the Trashman carries him around Sesame Street instead of walking.

He has a fashionable girlfriend named Grundgetta.

He stands his ground and defends his trashcan and tells everyone to to scram! Even though most of the time it his friends

These reasons and more make Oscar the grouch this week’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!!

Until next time!!

Fear street book club

Hello everyone! I love to read that is one of my many passions in life. So I thought why not start a book club? Then I thought what would be a fun easy read to do?… so I came up with a Fear Street book club!

Here are a couple of rules:

-the book club will be 10-15 people. Possibly 20 max!)

– A new read will be every 30-40 Days so it gives everyone enough time for everyone to read the selected book and form thoughts and comments on the select title.

-a possible time frame for book discussion meetings will be agreed at a later time frame once the book group is formed.

-the book club member is in charge of getting there own book.

-serious inquires only.

– this club is open to everyone on the globe.

After reading all of the above info and you think hey this is pretty cool! Please dm me at my IG lady.cult and we will go from there! I will provide you with more information!

I went ahead and posted the picture above of the titles the first book club can choose one book from there.

Happy reading!


Far side comics: a reflection

I first started reading the far side comics when I took an interest reading the Washington post’s Style section in 3rd grade. The comic strip section was always in end back and my first go to read was the Far Side panel. It always amazed me how Gary Larson was was to describe and draw the joke in just one panel. Sometimes I didn’t get it and other times I would laugh so hard that I would start to cry! It was a little sad when the far side comic retired in 1995 but thanks to the wonderful internet world you are never too far from read a panel or 20 of Gary Larson’s one liner humor! Here are some examples below: