Welcome to the Insta-hood : @george9840!

Hello all! Welcome to another installment of welcome to the Insta-hood! Where I interview fascinating people and their accounts.

This time I interviewed IG account:

@george9840 ( also known as George Marquez)


  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

“My name is George , I like a lot of retro stuff, and things that provoke imagination. I love to laugh and help people.”

2. What is Dungeons and Drag?

” Dungeons and drag , is a non for profit that is set up to support the LBGTQIA community through gaming(Dungeons & Dragons, board games) and drag. We set out to have safe, sober spaces, for the community to play and express themselves.


We do this by working with other charities such as Sunserve, and pridelines to make sober gaming events for everyone.


We are trying to make a campaign to promote sobriety for the LBGTQ community.”


3.  What was the most memorable event that has happened to you this summer?

“Most memorable event this summer was the most awesome event by our friend @DJhotpants, the event is called Double stubble at Gramps. Dungeons and Drag were invited to table at this event.We had an amazing raffle to raise some money for our charity, and some amazing queens brought down the house.



Also I will say meeting the amazing Florida man @floridamaniac, and Lacienga @lacienga_, two great drag queens that will set the scene ablaze!


4. What is  your top three songs that best describe your summer?

“Queen of the rodeo by Orville Peck.

Clutch by Power glove.


Status quo by Period bomb.

5. Is there any exciting events or news that you would like to share?

“Currently we are excited that we finally raised enough money to become a 501c3!”



If you like to know more info and/or contact George about Dungeons and Drag his IG is below:



There is also a go fund me page if you would like to donate for Dungeons and Drag:

Dungeons and Drag GO Fund me Page 


They also have an IG account:




Thank you for the interview George!

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Five movies that feel like fall to me!

Hello everyone! Around this time I always feel like we are in between seasons. September has always been that in between month where the last of the hot weather lingers on. But you see nature around wanting to transition to fall with the turning of the leaves. It make me want to watch certain movies that feel like it is a good transition into my favorite month. Which is October because of two reasons my birthday AND my favorite holiday which is Halloween!!!

So here are five movies that help me into that fall like tradition!



(1980)directed by William Friedkin and starring Al Pacino and Karen Allen. This probably my favorite movie by William Frienkin. Mostly due the grittiness of the movie and the amazing soundtrack. It is one of those movies that definitely leaves an interesting mark on your mind after you watch it.

Link it buy is here:


Rock ‘n’ Roll High School:


(1979) directed by Allan Arkush. Starring the RAMONES!!! and PJ Soles. The Ramones is one of my favorite bands EVER! And this movie is so much fun to watch! I think anything fun and worth singing along to in a movie is a definite must watch. It has a good mixture of quirky characters and with the setting being a school. I feel like this is a must watch for this month!

Link to buy is here:

Rock ‘N’ roll High School


So it is no hidden secret that one of my favorite directors is John Waters. But not a lot of people know that my favorite movie of his is Polyester. This is the first movie I watched that had a scratch and sniff card to follow while watching it! Plus this movie also stars one of my forever icons Divine! This movie is got the Criterion Collection treatment and is being release by them on September 17th!  Even the Criterion Collection cover is super dreamy!


Link it preorder is here:


The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad:


(1949) directed by Clyde Geronimi and Jack Kinney. There were two segments in this movie the first was “The Wind in the Willows” with Mr. Toad:


However when I was little I remember watching “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” more heavily of the two when I was little:


After watching it I had a huge obsessions with pumpkins and would begged my parents for my birthday that I wanted nothing but pumpkins as birthday gifts. I feel like this is a staple must watch for the fall. The scenery in this movie makes just want to put on a sweater and make a mug of warm apple cider.

Link to buy is here:

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad



(1985)- directed by Dario Argento. Starring Jennifer Connelly, Donald Pleasence and Daria Nicolodi. This movie is about a girl named Jennifer Corvino (who is played by Jennifer Connelly) who has an interesting super power. She is able to talk to insects and they are able to communicate back to her. While she realizes her super strength there is a string of murders happening around her and she is able to use her super powers to find out who the murder is! This movie has a good mixture of horror and a bit of sci fi mixed into one! Plus it does not hurt that this movie was filmed among the Swiss alps that makes me just want to quite my job and move there! This is a good fall movie to watch in order to get ready for Halloween!

Link to watch/rent is here:


What movies do you gear up for in order to get ready for fall?

Comment below!

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Welcome to the Insta-hood: @tonytrigilio

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this week’s round of Welcome to the Insta-hood. Where I interview fascinating and interesting people and their accounts. This week I interviewed IG: @tonytrigilio

1.  Tell me a little about yourself.

Trigilio reading, Aug 2019

” I’m a poet, scholar, editor and musician.  I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, a small rust belt city, and I’ve lived most of my life in Boston and Chicago. I teach Creative Writing and Literature courses at Columbia College Chicago. As a writer, I’m drawn to subject matter that explores obsessive, anxious states of consciousness, such as the newest book in my ongoing Dark Shadows project and recent poems I’ve published on the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case.”

2. Can talk about your latest book you wrote?

“My new book, Ghosts of the Upper Floor, is the third installment in my multivolume experiment in autobiography, The Complete Dark Shadows (of My Childhood). A hybrid mix of poetry andprose, it was published in August 2019 by BlazeVOX Books, a press that specializes in experimental poetry and fiction. I’m watching all 1,225 episodes of Dark Shadows for the project. Ghosts of the Upper Floor covers 122 episodes. I compose one sentence in response to each episode and shape each sentence into autobiographical poetry and prose. Some episodes trigger wildly detailed memories from my childhood, while other episodes focus squarely on the minute particulars of the present
moment. Sometimes, though, I just let the show’s relentless, low-budget kitsch speak for itself. After eight years and three volumes, I haven’t lost my appreciation for the show’s chaotic mashup of daytime soap melodrama, Gothic horror, and deliciously bad acting and special effects.

While I can’t predict exactly how many books the project will encompass, my hunch is that I’ll need at least 4-5 more volumes to watch, and write about, the full run of the show. Sometimes the project feels like a race against time. Will I live long enough to write my 1,225th sentence? I’m a future dead person, but I continue the project year after year with the faith that I’ll finish it before I take my last breath. I might seem like I’m making light of my own mortality, but I’m as worried about death as anyone else, and I often write about my fear that I won’t outlive the project. And I’m aware that, ironically, the backdrop for my death anxieties is a supernatural soap opera in which very few characters actually stay dead.”

The book is available directly from the publisher here:

Ghosts of the Upper Floor 

And it’s available from Amazon here:

Ghosts of the Upper Floor 

3. How did you come across Dark Shadows? What was your first impression when you
watched it?

“I watched the show every day with my mother when I was a young boy. She was a stay-at-home mom, and we sat together in the living room day after day with her favorite soap operas. Barnabas Collins produced incessant nightmares in me as a kid—nightmares so frightening that I went to sleep at night with my shoulders hunched, thinking I was somehow protecting myself from that inevitable moment when he’d break my bedroom window with his wolf’s-head cane and lunge for my jugular. I’d wake up with my shoulders relaxed and my neck exposed. Right away, I’d check for bite marks.

Eventually, my vampire fears grew even more elaborate and absurd, and I became convinced Barnabas lived inside the walls of our house. He didn’t have to break my window anymore. He was like a vampire termite, waiting inside the walls for me to let down my guard and fall asleep. Of course, this was a real pain for my parents: their imaginative little insomniac boy crawling into their bed constantly after nightmares about a soap opera vampire. We’d go through periods when my mother wouldn’t let me watch. But I threw tantrums until she changed her mind. I’d resume watching, then the nightmares would start all over again. What a little masochist I was.”


4. What are your top 3 favorite Dark Shadows episodes and why?


“1) Episode 210: The first appearance of Barnabas Collins—released from his coffin by jittery grave-robber Willie Loomis. Willie breaks the chains securing Barnabas’s casket in the secret room of the Collins family tomb. He lifts open the coffin lid, expecting to find jewels to pluck from the casket’s skeletal remains. Instead, he triggers the Dark Shadows primal scene: Barnabas’s ruffled sleeve rises from the opened coffin, his left hand closing itself around Willie’s throat. And so it begins. Barnabas returns from the dead, saving the show from cancellation and, in the process, inserting himself into my childhood nightmares.

Barnabas-picking-nose (1)
2) Episode 635: Barnabas is caught on camera picking his nose, the dread vampire of my
childhood nightmares rooting around inside his right nostril with his pointer finger and then flicking away the booger—unaware the camera is focused directly on him. I know that ABC, the network that produced Dark Shadows, skimped on the budget for retakes. But I still find it hard to believe that Dan Curtis, the show’s creator and executive producer, approved this scene. I can’t imagine Curtis saying, “The vampire just picked his nose and flicked the booger. Yeah, that’s awkward. But, you know, it’s really not that bad. Let’s keep it.”
3) Episode 691: This is the only episode that actually rattled me as an adult. Watching as a child, I was scared of everything; I was too young to understand the camp and kitsch that delight me now. But this episode, one of the last ones I write about in Ghosts of the Upper Floor, actually put a fright into me as an adult. In the opening scene, the mute, mutton-chopped ghost of Quentin Collins tries to strangle Maggie Evans with a purple curtain sash. The spectral homicide is interrupted by the Collins family maid, Mrs. Johnson, dressed in an angular panic-black dress, hair pulled back so tightly it must’ve given her a headache. Little David and Amy, enchanted children possessed by Quentin, watch the whole scene in weird nineteenth-century period costumes—David flailing about in a double-breasted frock coat and floppy bow tie, Amy right behind him in a neck-high, floor-length lace gown.


Later, they walk in creepy circles around Mrs. Johnson, warbling as they shuffle to the tune of “Quentin’s Theme” playing on the Victrola. Amy works herself into a frenzy—until Quentin, sick of the child’s braying, waves his hand in
front of her face and literally strikes her blind. The episode ends with David cackling in
sociopathic deadpan, “It’s too late. It’s too late to be afraid.” Typical Dark Shadows over-the-top pandemonium; but this time, as an adult, it shook me, watching a ghost who can sweep his hands over children’s eyes and make them go blind. The show lost its mind for that episode, and I absolutely loved it.”


5. Is there any exciting events or news that you would like to share?

“I’ll be doing readings for the book in the Midwest this year, and I’m in the process of setting up East Coast and West Coast readings for 2020. The full 2020 schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, but folks can go to my readings webpage:


Also my Facebook:


and Instagram:


I can also be contacted directly at my email address:


to set up further readings.






Man of the moment: Bozo the Clown!

Bozo the Clown you are this month’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!


One of the first TV memories I have is watching re runs of Bozo the clown at my babysitter’s house.

I always had a fondness of clowns because it brings up some good memories for me. Now I don’t remember which version of Bozo the clown I watched as a little girl. But I do remember the bright red hair, and the big painted on smile.


The first person who acted as Bozo the Clown was Pinto Colvig. He was voice over actor who supplied the voice for a Bozo the Clown storytelling record that came with a read along book.


Pinto Colvig was so popular as Bozo the Clown that he became of the mascot for Capitol Records and he was also the first Bozo the Clown that appeared on Television in 1949.

In the mid 1950’s the rights to Bozo the Clown was bought by Larry Harmon and Bozo then became a franchise. The franchise let many TV stations in the United States have different versions of Bozo the Clown in different states with their show version of him.


Williard Scott was Washington DC’s version of Bozo the Clown.


Bob Bell was Chicago’s version of Bozo the Clown.

And there was even different versions of Bozo the Clown in different countries such as Australia, Mexico and Greece!

Bozo the Clown even had it’s own cartoon series called “Bozo: The World’s Most Famous Clown.” The series was on and off again in 1958 until 1962,

Bozo the Clown never really dies his legacy is always carried on by a new actor willing to take on the memorable children’s character.

Send In The Clowns  Bozo

Because of watching Bozo the Clown from an early age it taught me that you could always be a child at heart no matter what age you are. This is why



Who is your favorite Bozo the Clown? Comment below!


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The story of menstruation: A Disney Short

Back in 1946 Walt Disney was in dire need of money. He need money to keep his company afloat because with War World II in full effect. It caused a major money turn off in his revenues in theaters in Europe. He also suffered a major financial loss with his recent movie venture of Fantasia.

So Walt Disney started taking job offers offers from other companies and the government to get back the money he loss.

So in 1946 a company called “the International Cello-Cotton Company ” hired Walt Disney to make a short about menstruation and the importance of using feminine hygiene products especially ones by Kotex. Since the International Cello-Cotton Company” owns that brand.

Disney even hired a Gynecologist named Mason Hohn to make sure of the accuracy of the medical and scientific facts that are discussed in the short.

The International Cello-Cotton Company had hopes that this short would be shown in schools nationwide and it was successful in that. Even school doctors and nurses got a booklet with the short with topics of conversation after the viewing of the short. It also got a seal of approval by Good housekeeping thanks to it being more scientifically accurate about the menstruation process rather then emphasizing the Kotex products.

This short also discusses about what not to do when you are menstruating.

Like do not shock your body with too cold or too hot water:

The importance of good posture vs bad posture:

And my favorite don’t do too many exercises that your body is not used to:

In 2015 the Library of Congress selected “the Story of Menstruation” as part of the National Film Registry. Citing it as an important part of it being “culturally, aesthetically or historically ” important.

To watch the 9 minute short the link is below:


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Five Silent Horror Films to watch!

I enjoy many genres of film so when I get ask anything like. What is your favorite genre or what is your favorite movie, director etc. I prefer to not respond other then it depends on my mood. I decided to highlight five silent horror movies that are worth watching. Some are better known than others on this list but by no means is this a movie ranking list rather then a highlighted kind of list.


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) directed by Robert Wiene and starring Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt and Lil Dagover. This film marked the German expressionist film movement and is considered a favorite among many film directors. The plot centers around a fair and a man who is able to control a other man into doing his evil bidding.  The other man is powerless because he is unable to control his own actions because he is sleepwalking when he is committing these unspeakable horrors!

giphy source

To watch link is below:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)


Directed by Benjamin Christensen and starring Clara Pontoppidan, Oscar Stribolt and Astrid Holm. This movie done in a documentary style talks about the miscommunication of how mental illnesses in people lead to the massive witch hunts  in earlier decades.


The Criterion Collection is re releasing this onto blu-ray in October! Link is below to buy:

Haxan: Witchcraft through the ages

Destiny (1921) directed by Fritz Lang and starring Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen and Bernhard Goetzke.


Love makes you do crazy or impossible things that you never thought you had to do. Like when the love of your life dies and you have to barter with the Grim Reaper himself in order to get him back. The Grim Reaper presents the broken heart-ed lady with three tests in order to try to get what she wants.


Link to watch is below:

Destiny 1921

The Unknown (1927):


Directed by Tod Browning and starring Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney and Norman Kerry.


Lon Chaney is Alonzo plays an “armless “man who escapes from a prison and is on the run. So he hides in the circus as a knife throwing performance act. He falls in love with Nanon (who is played by Joan Crawford) who is the daughter of the owner of the circus and does not like to be touch at all. However she finally gets over that phobia with another man and then the horror ensues!

I could only find this movie as part of the TCM Lon Chaney collection. Hopefully they will release on it’s own in the future! Link is below:

TMC ARCHIVES: The Lon Chaney Collection

Eerie Tales (1919):


Directed by Richard Oswald and starring Conard Veidt, Anita Berber and Reinhold Schunzel. One night a demon a ghost and a lady of the night decided to act out five short horror stories at midnight in a book store.

Link to watch is below:

Eerie Tales (1919)

Would you guys also be interested in a continuation of this blog? If so please write in the comments for me to do a part two of this!


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Source: Wikipedia and IMBD


the max headroom incidents

It was an interesting evening on November 22, 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. TV viewers in that area got an unexpected interruption  while watching TV:

Max Headroom made an unannounced appearance on their TV screens not one but twice in a span of an evening to late night.

For those who do not know who Max Headroom he was the creation of writer and actor George Stone. Max was a character that only existed on TV and had a robotic voice. There was even a couple of TV series and a TV movie in the mid 1980’s based on the character:

Max Headroom was so popular that he even did a segment for Sesame Street!:


The Max Headroom incident happen almost 32 years ago and no one knows who was responsible for these random TV takeovers.

The facts are:

-They certain of is that two people were behind the incident.

-It happened twice only on November 22,1987.

-It effected only TV viewers in the Chicago, Illinois area.

-The two channels that were hacked into received hundreds of calls and complaints about the incident.

-The two interruptions were:

First was on Channel 9 (TV station WGN-TV). It happen when the 9’o clock news was showing the feature points of a Chicago Bears football game. It was around 9:14 pm when the Max Headroom take over took place. Even the news reporter on the screen seemed extremely confused as to what just happened:

The second time was on a different channel around the 11:30-midnight time frame. A PBS station (WTTW station) was showing a Dr.Who episode when it was also interrupted by the same team of people who hacked into the 9’o’ clock news hour. However this interruption had a distorted voice to go along with the Max Headroom that was on the screen. It was a little bit longer than the first interruption but even though this one had audio and had a little bit more random action. Whatever they were saying did not make sense at all.

During the second TV hack the fake Max Headroom was able to do a quick pug for Pepsi. Because at the time the fictionalized real Max Headroom had a sponsorship of Coke products. So I guess if you are going to be a fake version of a character you might as well root for their competitor:


Also there is a couple of seconds that you see the fake Max Headroom getting spanked. So they how they know there was a least two people involved in this.



Even though these interruptions happened twice in a span one evening the people who did this were never caught! The same news team that were victim to this TV interruption did a segment about what happen to them the very next day. They even referred this team of people as a video pirate:

Even with the threats of supposed heavy fines and possible jail time they were hardly any leads as to who could of done this. Even to this day I find this event so random and I consider it one of the most bizarre events that has ever happen.



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