Man of the Moment!: DuckMan

DUCKMAN you are this month’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!!

Yes I am well aware you are a cartoon and you are a duck BUT you are this month’s man of the moment!

I used to watch this cartoon late at night when I was growing up. When I was a kid I thought it was a little weird to watch a cartoon so late at night only realizing years later that this cartoon was not meant for kids rather it was meant for adults. Still it was a super cool show and I got to stay up late to watch it! It was absolutely nothing like the other cartoons I would watched in the afternoons like  Mickey mouse or Porky Pig this duck had some major grown up problems.


Although I guess the only problem I had watching this was that I did wonder why Duckman didn’t have clothes on most of the time  but he wore glasses and his family members did? I never could figure that one out but that’s OK! Some mysteries in life are never meant  to be solved and this is definitely on my list of unsolved but I am totally cool with not solving them kind of mysteries.


Duckman never had a cool calm demeanor as a private detective actually he wasn’t the best at this job however he did get into some interesting dilemmas while trying to solved the crime. His pal and fellow co-detective Cornfed was the straight man in this comedy duo and was able to solved the crime in time before the show end. tumblr_oxs294HmCY1w27jeoo1_400

Yes Duckman was sometimes (or most of the time)  rude, vulgar and loud but he was also funny, honest and one of the cooler cartoons I have ever watched!




Until next time!

Up and coming excitement!

There are so many coming soon and recently released movies that I am so excited to get and watch! Here are top five!

(In no particular order…)


Heathers (1988/ released date is September 9,2018 byArrow Video)- directed by Michael Lehmann and starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty. This dark comedy is definitely has a cult underground following. I watched this movie years ago on Netflix’s instant watch and I was immediately hook on its dark but hysterical comedic undertones package in this teen comedy.

2. 91jkoIVFyQL._SL1500_

Strait-Jacket (1964/released date 08/21/2018 by Shout! Factory)- directed by William Castle and starring Joan Crawford and Diane Baker. Joan Crawford had a lot of diva like demands while shooting this film. Like having the Pepsi logo visible whenever possible in the film since she was married to the CEO of Pepsi at the time and having the script rewritten until she approve it.

3. MOAIM.BR_.Cover_.72dpi

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992/ released July 24, 2018 by Scream Factory) directed by John Carpenter and starring Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah – I remember seeing commercials for this movie on channel 20 a lot when I was growing up and was kinda interested in watching it. However decades went by and I totally forgot about it until I saw that it was getting the blu-ray treatment. Better late than never to watch it when it comes out!

4. yTno3yh9uP29CmG2cCQCo4nt4fDpWb_large

Sex, lies and Videotape (1989 released date July 17,2018 by Criterion Collection) directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Andie McDowell, and  James Spader. I was really into MTV in the late 80’s and remember this movie always being a topic of conversation on that channel but being so young at the time I could’t go to the theater to watch it. So I am  extremely happy that it is getting the CC treatment and I am old enough to watch it!

5. kcICmwHV4rQuKv6wFvElhNS6dlPr6e_large

Smithereens (1982 released date is August 21,2018 by Criterion Collection)- directed by Susan Seidelman and starring Susan Berman- I had this on my netflix queue list since 2012 (yes I am one of the netflix’s people that have more than 400 movies on there list and 200 on there unknown release date list!) so I decided it was more than the right time to get it to learn more about the subculture of the movie and wonder why it made the Criterion Collection list.

There are so many more movies that I am excited about this summer however I tried to make the list short and pick movies that may be often overlook and/or not that well known.

What are you excited to watch this summer??


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Movie of the day: Polyester

Movie of the day is one of my FAVORITE dark comedies EVER!!!: Polyester (1981) directed by John Waters and starring Divine, Tab Hunter, Mink Stole, and Edith Massey.775_0e76a3ff-4651-4e39-9f43-c2de492fec29

Divine is Francine Fishpaw  a lonely and misunderstood housewife whose world comes crashing down when she finds out that her husband Elmer ( a polyester suit wearer and Porno theater owner) has been constantly cheating on her with his secretary (played by Mink Stole)


To make matter worse for Francine her kids are just starting to crumble. Her son sniffs glue on a regular basis and have a fetish for stomping on women’s feet and for their shoes. Her daughter is flunking out of high school and has a bit of a reputation of an “easy girl”. Her mom constantly berates her due to her weight and constantly reminding Francine about her fracture family.

The only solace Francine has is her friend Cuddles played by Edith Massey 13e3bdfb8c5209905e082819b5675e86--john-waters-a-dog

Cuddles always provides Francine with uplifting and kind of off phrases to cheer her up! Francine goes through some life altering events with her family and starts taking charge of her life. That is when she meets dreamy Todd Tomorrow played by Tab Hunter.tumblr_p7te7g3Yjl1relg8bo2_r1_400

Although this is a John Waters movie so the pot of gold at the end of Francine’s rainbow become a little harder and further to reach when Francine’s world comes crashing down again.

I remember getting this movie at Borders when it was in a clearance section I was mostly excited because I heard John Waters added a special thing to this movie called “Odorama!” My DVD came with the card and through out the movie there would be numbers flashing in certain scenes and that meant you have to scratch and sniff that number on that card! polyester_1EIFF2011-polyester-odorama1

This movie has a very funny and dark undertone to suburban life and it kinda taught me that even the most regular looking person could have so much more chaos going on in their lives that you know. This is also my favorite role that Divine acted in because it showed much more range in his acting ability and you sympathize with him more then previous roles he had played.   fb7886c860a81b3049df9ce57f9abd2b


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Summer is here and so is B&N 50% off CC Sale!!

When the middle of summer hits two things come to mind:

the unbearable heat:


And the Barnes and Noble’s 50% off Criterion Collection Sale!!!

If you are unsure on what to get during the sale or what something that is completed different from your regular Criterion Collection buys. I have some suggestions to help guide you in this sale. (Author’s note when I write these kind of posts I always tried to suggest titles I have not previously mention before! So here it goes in no particular order five titles you may have not thought to purchase until now: 0715515216616_p0_v1_s600x595

Female Trouble (1974) directed by John Waters. Starring Divine, David Lochary and Mink Stole. What kind I say about this movie? It is truly one of my favorite movies with starring one of my idols Divine. There are so many classic phrases in this movie that I used in my daily use such as “Nice girls don’t wear cha-cha- heels!” and “Just cause we’re pretty everyone’s jealous!”


Belle De Jour (1967) directed by Luis Bunuel and starring Catherine Deneuve and Jean Sorel. Severine Serizy quickly gets bore with her lifestyle of the rich and famous so she decides to mix things up a bit by becoming a prostitute in the afternoons.


Grey Gardens (1976) directed by David Maysles, Albert Maysles &  Ellen Hovde and starring Edith Bouvier and Edie Bouvier: This is one of my favorite documentaries ever! Mostly because it feels like a movie but it is the real life of  “Little Edie” and her mother “Big Edie”. “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” was the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy and they lived in a run down, hoarder situation mansion in East Hampton. But as weird as their living situation was there personalities were even weirder!


Dietrich & Von Sternberg (pre-order box set  (1930-1935) directed by  Josef von Sternberg and starring Marlene Dietrich. This box set contains six movies of one of the greatest film collaboration of a director and actress.  Josef von Sternberg helped launch Marlene Dietrich movie star career with this six iconic films.


Midnight Cowboy (1969) directed by John Schlesinger and starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. This rated “X” movie went on to be nominated for countless Oscars and it portrays the rougher and tougher version of New York City.



Well those are my selections for this round of Criterion Collection sales. What is everyone else planning to get? Either way happy shopping!!!!!


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And the lady.cult interview winner is….

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A couple of days ago I held a contest on my lady.cult IG for a chance to be part of this blog for the Welcome to the Insta-hood and for Artist’s Spotlight sections. The rules were you had to be following my IG and you had to comment why you wanted to be part of those sections. And I was overwhelmed with the massive response!!!! So I picked three winners.

Two winners for the Welcome to the Insta-hood section

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It was a very hard decision and decided instead of picking one person I choose three!

And so the winners for the “Welcome to the Insta-hood” sections are….

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Thank you to all the submitted an answer! I will be having this contest again in August!!!!