Welcome to the Insta-hood!

Hello and welcome everyone to our second installment of Welcome to the Insta-hood. This is the section where I interview awesome, and interesting people on Instagram


Today we meet fellow Instagrammer : seeseeroxy


1. How did you come up with your concept? (In terms of your fashion IG posts?)

“It came from posts that I do on a website called Poshmark:  Roxy’s Closet  Poshmark is like an Ebay for women to sell their clothes. I decided to mix comedy with fashion and make the posts engaging with a funny story to go with the pictures instead of your average product description. I share these posts on Instagram as well in hopes of reaching a wider audience.”

2. Can you discuss a little bit about your business?

“My Poshmark closet business is for selling clothes amongst a community of women. It’s a business but also a way for me to communicate who I am to a wide variety of women across the country. I love to make people laugh and the way that I advertise my clothes on Poshmark does just that. I currently have 54K followers and growing!”

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3. What are your favorite designers?

“Chanel, Kendall & Kylie, Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci.”

4. What is your favorite item in your closet? why? Is there a story behind the item?

“My favorite item in my closet and my favorite storyline out of my whole closet is “Roxynitzvia” Authentic Russian Hat. It’s partially a true story that I embellished to make funnier because the whole real life situation was funny in itself. Plus I adore Russian hats! I think they make a bold fashion statement. Too bad its too warm most of the time to wear one in Southern California.”

5. What advice would you give for a teenage version of yourself in terms of fashion?

“Fashion can be pretty serious and has been for decades so I would give my teenage self the advice of not being too serious about it. Be free with it. That’s why I love interjecting comedy with fashion because it’s rarely seen and can “loosen” up attitudes towards it with a good laugh. My whole Poshmark closet is geared towards comedy/fashion.”
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6. What future plans do you have for your business?
“I am a Fashion Photographer (Celeste Canino Photograpy )

so I plan on continuing my artistic ventures with Poshmark and selling clothes. It’s not really about making money but making art. Having a creative outlet to showcase my fashion talent as well as my comedic talent.”
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I would like to thank Celeste for contributing to this section. Her instagram is funny, fashionable and has great flair! And if you like to know more about her and her businesses her contact information is below!:
Instagram: @seeseeroxy
Until Next time!

A book kind of Christmas

I love to read. I am the kind of person who loves to book binge if the book is that good! I know I’ll be running on empty the next morning from lack of sleep because I finished the last chapter of a book at 2am is so totally worth it! So it’s no surprise that I got a bunch of books for Christmas and decided to share some titles. Here are some of my future top reads:

1. Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a real doll By M.G. Lord

The tell all book about the life of Barbie’s inventor Ruth Handler and the barbie doll’s weird fantastic ride to becoming a cultural icon.

2. Make Trouble by John Waters

John Waters commence speech at Rhode Island’s School of Design where he offered critical yet funny advice on what to do now that you graduated.

3. And I don’t want to live this life by Deborah Spungen

Mother of Nancy Spungen. It is a tell all book about her daughter life before her murder by Sid Vicious. It goes a little bit deeper than just the headlines from that horrible event. Nancy Spungen talks about her daughter’s out of control lifestyle that broke up her family.

4. PTL: The Rise And Fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Evangelical Empire

A fascinating story of how Jim Bakker raise from small city priest to nation wide televangelist and how he lost his empire.

5. 199 Cemeteries to see Before you die by Loren Rhodes

A luscious selection of photos and chalk full of historical information of cemeteries.

Until next time!

Thank you for the cheesecake memories…

The first adult show I remember watching was The Golden Girls. It was on NBC from 1985-1992 and it was about four widows who move in together in one house and share their lives, hardships, laughter, and cheesecake under one roof.

I was about seven years old and flipping on the tv one night and seeing this image popped on the screen

I was confused as to why the blonde lady was looking so uncomfortable playing the piano but I remember the audience’s laughter and decided to keep watching the rest of the show and kept laughing how funny it was! It got me hooked to watching it every week until 1992 when the show ended.

It is hard to pick which character is my favorite. Each character has their own defined personality: Rose was not the smartest one in the group but whenever the rest of the group was down she would try everything in her heart to cheer them up. Blanche was the over sex man crazy lady with the refined manners and elegant personality. Sofia was the wise cracking person of the group. And Dorothy seemed to be the one who teaches you a valuable lesson and seems to be the voice of reason.

A couple of years later I noticed that Hallmark channel started showing the old episodes and whenever I hear the opening theme song or saw this

I automatically sat down and watched the whole show!

I have watched this show so many times over the years that I can tell you what episode it is within the first ten seconds!

I can truly say regardless of seeing the episodes hundreds of times I can still laugh at the same jokes and have the feeling of watching it like this is the first time I seen it. Thank you for being a friend Golden Girls!

Fun fact: even though hundreds of cheesecake was eaten during the show’s run. Bea Arthur (who played Dorothy) hated cheesecake!

Until next time!