Phone call….

I remember two weeks before we met up that September we were texting each other. However I am the kind of person that relies more on voice interaction more than anything so I asked him about the possibility of a phone call. At first he didn’t reply back right away but eventually he responded back with OK but he had to get earphones first because he didn’t want to have his phone up to this face. I asked him again about the phone called a couple of days later and he said that he was a little hesitant about talking and was wondering if we could talk later. I thought since we were texting each other so much it was ok. I am the kind of person that never forces anything upon anyone.

Fast forward to a Saturday night and I was once again glued to my phone texting him and we were having our usual text convos when all of a sudden my phone rang…..

It was him. The call took me by surprise even though I was the one who asked to talk to him over the phone. I answered and heard a very sweet kind voice on the other end of the line. He explained to me that he rarely talks on the phone but he thought he would make an effort.

What I thought would be a short phone conversation ended up being almost three hours. It was my favorite conversation I had ever had with him. We did not talk about anything life changing or earth shattering. I realize that the simplest conversations are the best ones you tend to carried in your heart the longest….. https_mashable.comwp-contentgallery20-perfect-gifs-to-express-your-lovevalentine-charlie-brown


Welcome to the Insta-hood: @bootlegbart

This week I interviewed IG account: @bootlegbart

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.”Hey Ladycult thank you for having me on, love what you do. Ok so my name is Leo, born & raised in the London Borough Of Hillingdon. Grew up playing Sega, loving the Simpsons & all that good stuff most 80’s/90’s kids did. If you were to put a label on me I would say I’m a creative.

    I’m also known as “Bootleg Bart”, the online project I have worked on in spare time for the past 9 years. What else… oh & my home town still has a blockbuster store just standing there derelict getting more & more decayed as the years go by, there’s a garden growing in there!”image3

  2. How did you come up with the idea of your IG account?”I’m always coming up with ideas for projects & this one has definitely been seen by the most people. So how did it come about? I guess I can trace it back to 2003-04. I had access to a friends computer & they would let me search online for things & any images I wanted to download I could save on floppy disks (usb sticks I don’t think we’re out yet? or if they were they were new & expensive) I had a bunch of floppy disks labelled up: “2d animation”,  “Bollywood horror posters”, “Iceberg History” & one named “Bootleg Bart”…

    By 2006 I finally got my own computer & still enjoyed finding all types of art & imagery online & now had folders on my desktop labelled like the old floppy disks.

    MySpace was a thing at the time & thought it was funny that you could be friends with ficitional or comedy accounts like: Kermit The Frog or Black Tom.

    By this time anytime a family member went on holiday (vacation) & asked if I wanted them to bring anything back, I would just say ” a really bad bootleg Bart tourist shirt”, I had started a small collection by now.

    I wanted to find more & share images etc, so I opened up a Flickr account (MySpace had died out by now) , then sometime later a Facebook page. Interest picked up on the project & a lot of the followers would tell me to get on instagram.

  3. What are your top three favorite Simpsons episodes and why? “The very first Episode I loved & still do on repeated viewing (it was the first episode I saw & the whole 1st season holds the most nostalgic value for me) So yeah, “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire” has to be number 1. It really shows the struggles a lot of families face at Christmas or just in general in life (work pay, cost of living etc) & that always hits home. image5

    “Stark Raving Dad” the episode with Michael Jackson doing the dialogue (& an inpursonator doing the singing due to contractual stuff I think). It’s just a genius way to do a cameo, so creative & again the struggle between Lisa & Bart, I really feel it when Bart lets her down on her Birthday 😦  but then makes up for it with that song! 🙂 image6

    Here’s a link to the MJ demo for “Lisa it’s your birthday” if you & you’re readers are interested:

    There’s so many moments in episodes that stand out, from the “Steamed Hams” ,the “Planet Of The Apes Musical” , “The best of times, the blurst of times” .


    But I have to chose so… “Moaning Lisa” it is. image7

    It’s got Bleeding Gums Murphy, The Simpsons in a Jazz Club, Bart & Homers video game rivalry, Homer in the arcades barking like a dog & waking up from a nightmare screaming, its got a lot of things I love packed in, with great writing & story.”

  4. What is the most interesting bootleg Bart item you came across and why?Good question!, I have seen so much random crap over the years.

    I’ve seen some of the original screens they used to screen print with. They were found at the back of an out of business print works that had just been bought by the guy that got in touch (I sometimes wonder if he’s out there churning out new bootlegs with the old screens…)unnamed

    I love seeing some of the early 90’s rave records & flyers that use Simpsons imagery on & a have a few in the collection.image1

    But the most interesting to me is receiving stories,memories & photos from you guys out there- especially when they’re from the early 90’s.

    It really is history class to me & love to see how Bartmania touched so many people’s lives.

    If you have any memories/photos/thrift finds you would like to share please send to: 📩 

  5. Do you have any exciting events coming up in regards to your account that you would like to share?”Exciting events? Well my partner & I just became parents for the first time. That has been a big event in my life & an inspiration for me to pull my finger out & get this book (that I’ve been working on for years) finished & out there. (Maybe I can come back to the instahood when the book is complete) I’ve also been working on a couple more art toys for this year… To hear about news & releases etc before the public I always recommend people to subscribe to the newsletter at

    If you have any questions please use the contact information below:


Website and to sign up for the newletter (I already did!) :  Bootlegbart

IG Account is: @bootlegbart

Interview with the Vampire…. my elementary school book report


When I was in 4th grade I was obsessed with vampires so my brother decided to take me to see the movie “Interview with the Vampire when I was 11. After watching it in theaters I became so much MORE vampire crazy. So much so that I had a journal and wrote my own vampire book. It was pages and pages of vampires living in the woods and everything in the woods was magically. I vaguely remember I had a unicorn in it and a deer but I cannot place what exactly they did in my story.

My brother being fully aware of my vampire crazed decided to buy me all of Anne Rice’s Vampire chronicles for Christmas the same year the movie came out. He gave me the first four books that came out so far and they were Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned and The Tale of the Body Thief. 165

I didn’t even bother opening any other presents that year after I opened that one and they remained unopened until way past New Years. I took the stack of hardcover books to my read and it took my about ten minutes to figure out what order I should read them in. I decided to go with Interview with the Vampire first. I read and took that book EVERYWHERE during that holiday break. I would wake up and immediately start reading it, I would take with me if I had to go with my mom to do errands. When it was time for me to go to bed I would wait ten minutes to  only get out of bed and run into my closet  where I would had a flashlight covers and pillows on the closet floor and I would read until I fell asleep. I read all the of the novels I got in two weeks which was a little impressive for a fourth grader. The only assignment I had to do over the holiday break was write a book report of a book of our choice. So naturally I picked ” Interview with the Vampire.”

I remember when I came back to school and turned in my paper. A week later my teacher was passing our reports back out and I didn’t get mine. I was worried because I loved writing about the book so much that I thought I did my paper wrong. I asked my teacher for my paper and he looked at me and said well we have to have a talk about it later. I remember at the end of the day my teacher told me that I had to go to the principals office. I was really confused because I was the kind of kid that never gets in trouble so I walked slowly down the hall to the office. I went inside the principal office and saw my parents both sitting there! My mom told me to sit down and so I did. The principal told my parents that I was an extremely bright child and could read and grasp mature content and read at a high school level however doing a book report on this kind of material isn’t suitable for an elementary school. 9780345256089-uk

I never got back my report and I still wonder what happened to it……


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Welcome to the Insta-hood: @Pulpster

Welcome to this week’s round of Welcome to the Insta-hood. This week I interviewed IG account @pulpster

  1.  Tell me a little about yourself.                                                                                       “Latino Australian born in the 60s who got his love of pulp art from crime novels my mother used to read.”
  2. What made you want to create your Pulpster feed?                                                     “Back in 2012 there was little to no pulp art on IG and I wanted to introduce people to its great artists.”
  3.  Who are your top five pulp artists and why? “Top five in order:
    Frazetta- Quite simply a genius and visualised Conan perfectly. Conan the Adventurer
    Steranko- A brilliant innovator whose love for pulps and comic art is infectious:unnamed (2)
    Bruce Pennington- the greatest scifi artist of all: 26993_p
    Mort Kunstler- his art is pure pulp eye candy: Mort Kunstler, The Night the Mob Took Over Thrill Park, For Men Only magazine cover
    James Bama- his hyper realist Doc Savage covers singlehandedly brought pulps back to the mainstream.” 5134-2
  4. What are three movies that would best describe your personality and why?unnamed (3)                                                                                    “Cool Hand Luke not because I’m cool (or look like Newman) but because that whole vibe about an antihero who wins people’s hearts by sheer persistence sits right with me.
    Desperate Measures because it has my favourite movie line: “Do you want to find out where you end and I begin?”from Michael Keaton which reflects my own personal depth of characterdesperate-measures01
    Jaws because it features three Alpha males- all different in their own way- who are on an impossible mission but come out victorious. I’m an old school male and i’m glad I am.” unnamed
  5. How long does it take you to come up with your creative puns for your posts? Can you share a couple of your favorite ones you came up with?                                     “The puns depend. Sometimes it takes an eternity to think of something mildly amusing. Other times I’m on a roll and I make myself laugh with what I come up with. My fave pun is on a crime pulp cover painted by Rafael De Soto. It depicts a hand sticking out of a painting on a wall and pointed at an unsuspecting protagonist. I titled it ” Framed For Murder”. It’s actually not a pun come to think of it, just a play on words which still makes me chuckle.”

If you have any questions for Pulpster his IG is: @pulpster


Thank you so much for the interview!!


Until next time!

Soundtrack of the day: Phantom of the Paradise

Today’s soundtrack of the day is from the movie Phantom of the Paradise. It is as film directed by Brian De Palma and stars Jessica Harper, Paul Williams and William Finley. This is probably my favorite movies by Brian De Palma and it is mostly due to the amazing and catchy soundtrack!


All the songs and lyrics on the soundtrack are by Paul Williams. He also starred in the movie as Swan a record boss of Death Records. Swan is an extremely evil person who cares about his youth,money and his success. MV5BNzkwNmE4NmMtZGJlNi00NDViLTg1MGYtMTYxNmU2NDY1Njk3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTEwODg2MDY@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1424,1000_AL_The movie centers around Swan’s newest venture a rock and roll palace and he is need of music for his opening night. He hears Winslow’s music and is convince and determined that Winslow’s compositions and lyrics are perfect for his big opening night performance! So he is determined by any means to get Winslow’s music!Phantom-of-the-Paradise-at-The-Frida-Cinema

I will only discussed three songs (I had a very hard time just choosing three! However I adore all of the songs on the soundtrack equally so the selections were picked at random!)

“Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye”

The movie opens up to this song and it is a total homage to the music of the 1950’s.


Even though the beat sounds happy and danceable pay attention to the lyrics. They are a quite sad and somber.



“The Hell of It”

This song is sung by Paul Williams and you only heard this song during the ending credits. It’s a short song but I have to admit when I first watched this movie and went head over heels with the soundtrack. This song was the probably the first song I had on repeat for days on end! Paul Williams actually performed this song on the Brady Bunch Hour.

“Special To Me” sung by Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper plays Phoenix an up and coming actress. As her audition she sings this song and pretty much lands the audition.


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