It’s a small world ride

And now for the history/ pop culture side of my WordPress. Last week it was on Victorian Mourning Jewelry. This week it is on “It’s a Small World Ride!”



This ride was originally called “Children of the World” and it was for the 1964’s World’s Fair. The fair was divided into sections and this was meant for the UNICEF. a5e5e9b9d6ed32487b1b4a02c0695bf9

Pepsi-Cola was asked to sponsor the UNICEF section of the fair however the board of directors could not decide on what to do and put in that section. Interestingly enough Joan Crawford stepped in! She was the widow of former Pepsi president Alfred Steele and she still had somewhat of say on the board. 78174110c2fde3198f9f63f53dd14959

So Joan Crawford approached one of the long time friends who happen to be Walt Disney and asked him if he could make an attraction for this section. However this collaboration was met with criticism. The other members on the board did not want to have Walt Disney work on this. Joan Crawford came to defense of Disney saying that since they took too long on deciding what to sponsor that the deadline was approaching sooner than later. She also pointed out that Disney was also working on various  other attractions in the fair and was able to have him and his team finish this pavilion in 11 months time.

AND THEY DID!its-a-small-world

Walt Disney was able to open this pavilion on time and even did an opening ceremony for it. He invited more than five hundred children from around the world to participate in the event. (The video above is some footage of the opening ceremony day)

This ride set  precedent for many things in Disney parks as well as other parks worldwide:

Walt Disney noticed how efficient doing boat rides in the attraction that many other rides such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” follow that way and that method is still in use today.


UNICEF  had a small gift shop connected to the exit of the “Children of the World” ride that many of the Disney parks and other parks have the same layout for all of the rides.

During it’s run at the World’s Fair this attraction sold over 8 million tickets.a5e5e9b9d6ed32487b1b4a02c0695bf9

After the World’s Fair ended in 1966 the Children of the World ride moved into the Disneyland Park. 7635287ac004324309f1de8557765950--vintage-disney-art-disneyland-vintage

“Children of the World” was always a working title for this ride it wasn’t until the Sherman Brothers was by Disney for a song that could be sung in different languages and that could represent all of the countries in the world.

The Sherman brothers came up with the song It’s Small World (after all) from the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962). From that destruction and chaos they wanted to promote unity and peace throughout the world.

Mary Blair (who is one of my favorite Disney artists) was  responsible for making the color palettes and aesthetic  of the ride. She truly set herself apart from other Disney artist during that period. clh019382LARGEmary-blair-small-world

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Movie of the day: Basket Case

Today’s movie of the day is Basket Case (1982) directed by Frank Henenlotter and stars Kevin Van Hentenryck, Teri Susan Smith and Robert Vogel. basket-case-still-3

It is about a man name Duane who carries his tiny creepy twin brother Belial in a wicker basket all over New York City until they find home in a run down hotel. However they did not travel to New York City for tourist reasons. Both brothers traveled to the city bent on  revenge!



Duane and his brother Belial were con-jointed twins and when they were twelve years old they were forced to have a surgery  that would removed Belial from Duane’s side and ever since then they both had  huge angry to the doctors that were responsible for the surgery and plan to cause them harm!


Frank Henenlotter is one of my favorite directors. He created the most unusual characters and plots that I find fascinating. Rumor has it that Frank Henenlotter keeps  the Belial  prop in his apartment. Which I guess makes for a scary interaction if you forget that he is there. MV5BOTI5ZmU1NjQtNDc2Yi00MmJlLTgyYzctYzM4ODRjYTM2YTVjL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjM2NTM3ODA@._V1_

Henenlotter made Basket Case in a homage to all of the exploitation and sexploitation movies he watch and even to the hey day of 1970’s 42nd street era full of porn theaters, scary and seedy bars and people.

Fun Fact: Frank Henenlotter got the idea to make this movie when he saw the movie It’s Alive by Larry Cohen

Below is the trailer for Basket Case:

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(Wo)man of the Moment: Jayne Mansfield!

Jayne Mansfield you are this month’s Wo(man) of the Moment!tumblr_p1d64tsoHS1qad56lo1_1280

Jayne Mansfield has always been one of my icons because she alway lived her life to the fullest! One of my favorite movies that she starred in was “The Girl Can’t Help It” directed by Frank Tashlin.


Jayne was never scare to show off her assets and her personality. Even a simple trip to the supermarket was over the top! She believed that everywhere she went was a photo opt for the press. tumblr_olt3y2ruvg1qcqftxo2_640tumblr_olt3y2ruvg1qcqftxo1_540tumblr_olt3y2ruvg1qcqftxo3_1280

And it was no secret that her favorite color was pink. That color explains her personality perfectly because pink is a very loud color and it tends to stand out. One of my favorite houses ever is Jayne Mansfield house. She referred it as her “Pink Palace.” And everything was cover in pink or red. tumblr_oxz04tOSPB1rzpu82o2_1280



Even her car was pink!


In learning about Jayne’s life and watching her movies she kind of taught me a bit about life.  You must live it loud and live life well. If you love the color pink than there is no use in hiding it you gotta flaunt it! Just be real and be who you are.


Congrats Jayne on being this month’s WO(man) of the moment!!


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A run in…. (a childhood memory)


I have a certain flash of a  memory of something that happen to me when I was around this age.  It was around Christmas. I had to hear it from my mom a couple of years ago for it to somewhat click in my head for me to remember a bit more.

My mom told me once when I was six that she took me to the grocery store and I was bugging her if I could to see the cartoons on the cereal boxes ( I thought they were pieces of art) and she getting a laundry list of fruits and vegetables said fine. I think it was mostly because she knew I would bug her until she said yes so to save her a lot of work and frustration and it being two aisles over. She thought it would not be too far off for me to go and she can get what she needed in peace. I wasn’t aware at the time while I was walking over there that I was being watched. I remember going to the cereal aisle and looking at the boxes then I remember a tall man with dark hair and glasses coming up to me. I really do not remember what he talk to me about. I just remember my mom coming a couple of minutes later and a bit of there conversation.

He told my mom that I had such beautiful skin like a porcelain doll and asked how many kids she had. My mom said three. I remember him saying well three sounds like a handful and handed my mom a business card and if she ever needed to give me up he would adopt me. My mom took the card and just laughed. I don’t remember any other conversation after that or if my mom every told my dad what happened.

Mourning Jewelry: the ultimate in Victorian Fashion!

I considered jewelry a form of expression. Either to express ” I love you”, a certain celebration like a birthday or a birth of a child. Jewelry has been a popularity item to give as a gift and as a status symbol. Little did I realized that jewelry can also mean a symbol of death.

Over a decade a ago I was taking an American history course and the teacher was covering a small chapter on Victorian Mourning Rituals. (Which I am not going to lie I really wanted him to go more into detail than only one class!) He mentioned that Victorians had a huge fascination with death and how they grieved was an interesting process. Death was a common factor during the Victorian period and it was very rare for someone to live past the age of  45. This was mostly due to Europe being in constant war and if there was lucky enough to survive war then many diseases such as smallpox, cholera, and scarlet fever would mostly take them in.


However one person in particular during this time made grieving a fashion statement.

Queen Victoria: victoria1

Queen Victoria was the Queen of Ireland and the United Kingdom from 1837-1876 and had one great love in her life; her husband Prince Albert . So when he passed away in 1861 she went into a long state of depression for almost four decades until her own death. During her long state of mourning she wore nothing but black dresses and tiny pieces of jewelry with small paintings of Prince Albert on them.

Queen Victoria’s mourning ring of Price Albert 

Queen Victoria was so well respected among her court and also was a public figure she quietly turned her visible grief into a fashion statement until her death in 1876. Anyone with any kind of nobility started commissioning artists to painted tiny pictures on rings, earrings, lockets, bracelets and necklaces of there dearly parted. albert_mourning_locket_open

Lockets were sometimes had a dual use of having the parted person on one side and a lock of hair on the other side. Also Hair pins with love ones lock of hair was very popular. Many Victorians believed that keeping a locket of hair from a deceased loved one meant that the spirit of that person was still a part of them and also meant that a piece of them was immortal if contained in a piece. http_a.amz.mshcdn.comwp-contentuploads201512mourning-2Certain metals and materials and metals that were used in this fashion statement were onyx, pearls, black enamel, bog oak and dark tortoise shell. Some  metals had certain themes for example if white enamel was used it means that that person was grieving a death of a child or an unmarried women. antique-mourning-ring-6810-1

So much death facing many Victorians of that era having these pieces of jewelry brought them some comfort. And many of them especially women wore these pieces like badges of honor. Even though that person is physically past and gone. The spirit an memory will forever be remember on a piece of jewelry.

E7160004 mourning2

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