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This week’s welcome to the Insta-hood is on @beezritchurds

1. Tell me a little about yourself.                                                                                                     ” I am helplessly addicted to flea markets/vintage toy hunting. I have always loved action figures and monsters.4ACB5ED3-45F6-4088-904F-F246AF58044A          I play drums in a punk band with a long time friend of almost 20 years. I married my high school girlfriend @squeakypickle and we have been together for over 15 years now. We have 2 crazy cats and both love to hunt for vintage treasures. We are both toy obsessed which is both a blessing a curse lol. ”

2. How did you get a gator as a pet?                                                                                            ” My first stepdad brought us home a baby alligator one day. He built a huge pond for it in a locked room in the basement. I was told never to go in there. It’s name was Alfonse. It scared the shit out of me. It would hiss at you. My friends would come over for a quick peak when they were gone. I knew where the key was hidden. They loved it. He tried to give it to the zoo when it got too big, but they wouldn’t take it. So he gave it to someone else. I don’t condone keeping wild reptiles as pets. I was a little kid with a schizophrenic stepfather. Not my fault haha.

3. How was your childhood like? IMG_0002

“I am the youngest of 4 boys. My mom had 3 boys with her first husband. I was born in the mid 80s and my father left us in ‘87. My mom worked 2 jobs and went to night school to become a nurse. That left my older brother’s to watch me at night. While other kids were watching Care Bears I was was forced to watch horror movies and listen to punk rock and metal. My uncle Joe was big into 80s Hard Core Punk in the early 80s and influenced us a lot through art and music. DRI, Misfits, Dead Kennedy’s and MDC spun regularly. Fuck, I miss the 80s/90s. I was the only kid in grade school with a Misfits shirt on in 1st grade 1991. I would dye my hair and wear Punk shirts to emulate my brother’s style. I loved the look and feel of Punk/Metal. I secretly loved the dirty looks people would give me. Of course I was singled out and made fun of in school for it. I eventually met others that were into the same stuff later on in middle school/high school.
Oh yeah, my Mom was and still is a huge fan of horror movies and Halloween is her favorite holiday. We used to go full out and decorate the outside of our house with scary stuff. IMG_9998 (1)    My uncle would form chicken wire around his arms and legs and we would make bodies to dress up as monsters. The neighborhood would love it. IMG_0001 (1)                                                          We used to keep the props in the attic next to my room. You would open the attic and see 5 bodies with Don Post masks on staring at you. My brother’s used to lock me there with them and I would be scared shitless. Good times!”
4. What is your top 5 toys you own and why?                                                                           ” No. 1: 1979 Xenomorph Alien by Kenner. By far my favorite piece I own. At 18” tall with an evil sharp chromed grin and a glow in the dark skull, how could you not love this classic Kenner toy! I love the history behind it too. When it was first released a lot of parents voiced their opinions on why Kenner would market a Rated R Horror Movie to kids. They said it was too horrific and scary. Kenner eventually caved and discontinued the entire Alien line.
IMG_4993                                    No. 2: 80s/90s Skull Force MOTU KO action figure by Toys N’ Things. I remember getting one at a local Big Lots back in the day. My grandma got him for me. She knew I liked Skeletor and MOTU so I guess she thought a bootleg was good enough lol. She was right. I loved it so much. His oversized skull with a gnarly crack dripping green (or red variant) blood. Fantastic bootleg.           IMG_0365                                       No.3: Ninja Assassins: Strikor by Select Toys 1985. I received this awesome MOTU KO action figure for my 4th birthday. He’s a nasty evil Reptilian Ninja Assassin with a complete arsenal of ninja weapons! This is such a nostalgic figure for me. It always reminds me of my grandparents.                                                                                               No.4: Original Purple Shorts/Halfboot Skeletor 1982. The OG Bonehead! He started it all. I loved creepy evil skeletons as a kid. Being a fan of scary stuff at such an early age, Skeletor was my go to bad guy.      IMG_0323    No. 5: Super Naturals: Burnheart 1987. Another evil warrior! The bad guys always had the coolest designs! This guy looked like a walking furnace! I got the whole set for my birthday at Chuck E Chesse’s. Super Naturals were a huge clearance item after they were released. Since my mom was thrifty, she took advantage of that and bought the whole line for me. Great toy line!”4ACB5ED3-45F6-4088-904F-F246AF58044A
5.What is the one toy you are currently on the hunt for but have yet to find? Why has it been so hard to find?                                                                                                                     “One toy I am after is a version 1 Skull Man from Remco’s 1983 Warrior Beasts line. He is a Skeletor knock off. Mattel threaten to sue Remco if they didn’t change the head sculpt because it looked to similar to Skeletor. I have the revised version 2, but oh how I would love to get the first wave release! It’s an expensive piece that keeps going up and up in value. The longer you wait the more you pay, lol. Ugh. “

Artist’s Spotlight: Ahmed Hosny

Today artist’s Spotlight is on Ahmed Hosny

  1. Describe your art aesthetic:                                                                                                “Not all that sure how in truth. I draw the way that feels right, there’s some tattoo style in there for sure and it’s a touch. Really I draw the way I do because I like how it looks.”

    The Acid Bath Killer (John George Haigh)
  2. Why did you chose to draw just in black and white vs color?                                  “Again I think the black and white works because it makes me feel most comfortable. The more there is the louder it all feels to me. Drawing is one of those activities that is quiet and minimal. I draw in black and white because it makes everything seem that bit easier.”
  3. What is the process in choosing your subject?
    “I read and watch a lot, I guess it’s the cases that grab my attention most. People think it’s the kills or the amount. Far from it, it’s all that comes with it. The change in a towns economics due to serial killing ( check out son of Sam)  the effects on fashion(Ted Bundy) , criminology( just watch Mind hunter), psychology, media and the list truly goes on.

    The Golden State Killer (Joseph DeAngelo)
    Or the reverse, how society’s structure and the family format can effect people. Narrow minded views from sexuality, gender, masochism, feminism,race and mental health in turn lead to helping develop psychosis. Of course these killers action are not justified and never could be. Though it helps to recognize that the society we live in is fundamentally fractured and though we have improved since the golden age of serial killing we have a long way to go. “

    – Why did you choose this theme vs another?

    “It’s not so much I chose true crime over anything else. I have many hobbies and interests. I guessing true crime is more about the community. It still looked at as the elephant in the room. Yes there are hundreds of popular podcasts and shows and even movies. But really they are popular as a small percentage.

    You can look at nearly any of the people who follow me(and I follow) or who I tag in my posts, everyone is so sweet talented, smart  and would do anything for you. So I draw true crime subjects for them and other things for me:::)”

  4. Favorite piece you created and why?
    “I am self taught, never had a lesson and maybe I never will. So the pieces that show improvement for me are my favorite.

    Ed Kemper was my first attempt at the mug shot meets Victorian shadow portrait style and I adore the picture.

    Screenshot_20180602-164957__01 (1)
    Ed Kemper

    Albert fish was when I started to slow down and spend half an hour to 40 minutes on a drawing and I think it shows.

    Then of late I started draw head on images, Jeffery Dahmer was an image I am truly proud of same as the golden state killer.

    Jeffrey Dahmer 
  5. Do you have any exciting events, projects, collaborations etc. coming up?              “Nope nothing really, the shop has some new bits in and more to come. Anyone that wants to collaborate or just contact me please do;;;)

If you like to contact Ahmed or have any questions his contact info is:



IG: @Truecrimecommissary

Email: amhosny@outlook.com



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Wo(man) Of the Moment: Eartha Kitt

This month’s wo(man) of the Moment is Eartha Kitt!

It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.”

—  Eartha Kitt

The first time I saw Earth Kitt (1927-2008) was on TV  as Catwoman on the live action version of Batman (1966-1968). I remember watching the reruns at my babysitter apartment in the afternoon and thinking I want to be as cool as Catwoman. She seems to have the coolest outfit and have a direct approach in dealing with people.


It took me a long time to realize that an actress was playing a part so I took it upon myself to learn more about the actress. Eartha Kitt was a very strong will and tough heart type of person. She was an actress, activist, dance and singer. Her song “Santa Baby” plays on heavy rotation in my house during the holiday season:

I also like Eartha Kitt songs from the 1984’s album “I love Men” which is a mix of dance and electric pop:

But Eartha Kitt is more than just an actress and singer she had a voice and was very opinionated when it came to things that were important her. Like civil rights, same sex marriages and being her own independent person. tumblr_ok6wg70D0Y1si194ao1_500

Her she is in an excerpt from her 1982 documentary: “All by Myself: The Eartha  Kitt Story and her view on relationships:

Eartha Kitt will always be one of my personal idols because she was a person who spoke up for herself as well as many others who couldn’t or were afraid too. She took many risks and took many chances in her lifetime. She taught me that you only live once so why not live it to the fullest? tumblr_ojj8iuwelE1uk1o5no1_640

Congrats Eartha Kitt you are the Wo(man) of the Moment!!!!



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Movie of the Day: Grease 2

Today’s Movie of the day is Grease 2 (1982) directed by Patricia Birch and starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Maxwell Caulfield and Lorna Luft.

What you never knew that Grease had a sequel?!?  Well not a lot of people know there was a sequel. The trailer is below:

I found out about this movie thanks to Netflix’s instant stream in 2014! I was off of work one day and wanted to watch a movie. So I was flipping through my options and this came up. My first thought was “Grease 2?!? I never heard of it!” Knowing my deep admiration of the first Grease since childhood I decided to give it a try. And man I was NOT disappointed in the least!


So this movie is set in 1961 which is two years after all of the original Greasers graduated in the same school, and there are still some recurring actors in the same roles like Didi Conn, Sid Cesar and Dody Goodman.

The plot of the movie is that the Stephanie Zinone (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) who is the leader of the Pink Ladies broke up with Johnny Nogerelli who is  the leader of the T-Birds (played by Adrian Zmed) over the summer and in order for Stephanie to continue to be part of the pink ladies she has to continue and date a member of the T-Birds. But she is tired of being part of a group and wants to life a new life with some who is a cool rider….

Cue new dreamy British exchange student Michael Carrington (played by Maxwell Caulfield) who become infatuated with Stephanie and the whole movie is based on how far he will go to become her dream “cool rider.”

The reason why I enjoy this movie more than the original Grease is because it has some of the movie overly sexual songs done in a cookie cutter kind of way. Such songs as “Reproduction”

And “let’s do it for our Country”:

The script was only halfway done when they went into production so they used a loose draft and the director did the best she could with the material so some of the sequence or characters do really make sense or disappearance and reappear without explanation.

If you are in need of a movie of a good laugh or want to sing along to some interesting songs then Grease 2 is for you!!!512uMDJOEbL


Fun Fact: In the movie there are two teachers who were real life teen heartthrobs. They were Tab Hunter and Connie Stevens 863567b743aee1dbced79759e481c868


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Florida’s Orange Bird

When I was little  my favorite place to go on vacation is DisneyWorld. Mostly because you get to hang out with all of the cool cartoon characters you seen in the movies or on tv in real life. However there was one random character that I would see at the park that I never really knew the origins of.

Florida’s Orange Bird:


So I did some research on this super cute orange bird! In 1970 Disneyworld was in need of more investors to expand there park so it came to no surprise that the Florida Citrus Commission wanted to invest in one of the world’s most famous theme park. They invested nearly three million dollars into the park however they weren’t really sure what kind of ride or area they could sponsor in the park.   Disney however came up with the idea of putting the Florida Citrus Commission’s sponsorship to use in the Enchanted Tiki Room Attraction. They had a ten year agreement where they changed the name of the attraction to this: b04456ecbab801c40fe2e57304716aeb

Also on the other end of the attraction there was a bar area that served orange juice and citrus sweets to people. vob996766LARGEThe Florida Citrus Commission also wanted to have some kind of mascot for the product. Disney did not want to use any of there regular characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy etc. so they made a brand new character: THE ORANGE BIRD!


He was feature in two commericals in the early 1970’s

And also was featured in two animated shorts. The one below is called Foods and Fun: A Nutritional Adventure

However since Disney’s created the actual cartoon of the Orange Bird the Florida Citrus Commission had to pay a fee every time they wanted to use that character in public use. And knowing Disney that meant it was a very pricey fee to pay. Every time a contract had to be renew or if they Florida Citrus Commission wanted to add another Citrus bar inside the park the most expensive it was becoming. It was becoming a point where the  Florida Citrus Commission was not selling enough products in the bars and making enough money with the Orange Bird to justify the cost.oraora736991-613x473-600x463

Then with the frustration of  a lot of back and forth negotiating and money fees being hiked every couple of years the Florida Citrus Commission and Disney World decided to cute ties with each other in 1987. Ending any and all presence of this cute Orange bird! orange-bird-ad-1973

However in 2004 Tokyo Disney decided to make products of the Citrus Bird  and it was such a massive good response that it came back to Disney World by 2012! So now you can see him more visibly in Disney products, comic books and more!



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