Late night decisions…

I noticed that I been making a lot of decisions so far this year. Decisions are never an easy thing to make but sometimes they have to be made. Decisions can be as simple as picking an apple or a snickers bar to snack on or decisions can be as hard as choosing happiness over complications . If someone ever feels like they are in a place that they feel divided to choose between what makes you love and happy vs complicated and stuff…..

may I offer some advice?

I personally will always choose love. I believe that love fills you up more than any meal. It’s satisfies you more than the best meal you ever had. It makes you feel better than any drug or drink.

Yes they are times that love will break your heart. You become mad at yourself and at the world. But a lot of people don’t realized that the heart is one of the strongest parts of your body. Like it went through the bitterest longest battle and you came out of batter and bruise. You But the heart rebuilds after every heartbreak and becomes stronger. Once you find your true love your heart becomes unbreakable and makes your other senses stronger, faster and builds your confidence. You start to feel confident, you start to feel airy, amazing and almost a million times more of a person.

Love and happy provides you with an indescribable feeling. But it’s a feeling that leaves your full filled. It will leave you wondering why you didn’t choose love before. I feel like when you put out things into the universe it comes back to you. Why not put out positive things?

Choose love. Share kindness and encouragement.

Let your heart and soul become unbreakable.

Artist’s Spotlight: damarxtoys

This week’s Artist’s Spotlight is on: damarxtoys

  1.  How did you come up with your concept? : “I’ve tried a few different art forms over the years and never have really found a specific focus. I dropped out of art school back in the 90’s because I felt college had not much to offer me except crippling debt. So, I took to the school of life and have been exploring different avenues since. I happened upon the “bootleg” resin art scene somewhat accidentally and just sort of took to it. Basically, what I do is use existing toy parts that I find and “kitbash” them together to create a unique character. Then I make a mold of it and reproduce it in resin. The figure is usually then mounted onto a cardback featuring an original illustration of the character. The end result is a professional looking package that looks legit but is all handmade by myself.”IMG_20180118_231902
  2.  What are you currently working on?: ”
    “I always have quite a few projects on the table. I recently just finished up a short run of 5 figures for the Clutter Gallery InactionFigures6 exhibition in Beacon, NY. Which focuses on action figure and toy art from artist internationally. The character i made for it is a mash up of Pee Wee Herman and C3po. I call him Pee-wee Pio. The card art mimics the film poster for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and was done by collaborater Mux Blank of Mr Blank Toys. The figure was well received and sold out during first previews. I have another batch of them almost ready for anyone else who wants one.
    In addition to that I’ve also been working on an R2d2/Devo mash up that I hope to have available later this month. 20180106_212244
  3.  What is your favorite piece you have done so far?:
    “Every time I create something new I think to myself, this is the best thing I’ve ever done! Looking back I suppose the piece I’m most proud of would probably be the award trophies I made for the 2017 Flagpole awards here in Athens, Ga. It was a one piece resin cast depicting a tree man(local icon referred to as “the tree that owns itself”) standing on a pedestal and holding a flagpole. On its head, an owl in mid-flight. Overall, the piece stood about 17″ tall. Out of a run of 23 pieces each were awarded to the top musicians and bands in Athens during 2017.”
  4.  Do you own any toys? If so what are your top five favorite toys you own and why?: “I burned or sold most of my collection shortly after the release of The Phantom Menace. It was the turn of the century and it seemed like a good time to purge things of old. After seeing that monstrosity of a film I felt ok about leaving star wars in the past. My love for movies, toys and sci-fi still continued to thrive so a decade or so later I started collecting again but my collection consisted mostly either of toys intended for resell or customizing. I have an infinity towards 3.75″ action figures made famous by Kenner in the 70s and 80s and probably have over 500 loose figures packed in bins. Out of everything I own my most favorite toys are the ones that were made by my peers in the resin casting community. It’s really hard for me to pick favorites but here are a few things in my core collection that I like because not only are they unique to most collections but I have a personal connection to them somehow. In no particular order;
    a) X-ray R2 by Barbarian Rage. Vintage R2 cast in clear resin with an r2 style skeleton embedded into it. Brilliant!
    b) Drug Dealing Shark by Joseph Harmon includes bag of cocaine. I love this guys art and he rarely makes figures.
    c) The Butcher by Acquired Taste Industries. This thing is glorious! It’s a Kenner style taun-taun meticulously shrunken down using a very complicated process. It’s made like a centaur with a bare female torso and the face of princess Leia with giant horns and four arms and 4 light sabers. Definitely, a grail piece!
    d) The Wookie Hash Pipe series by Jim Mahfood. There are currently only 2 figures in this series, Luce Skytoker and Dose Vapors and I have them both. Notably, the sculpt for these are original sculpts by George Gaspar of Double G toys. He also did the sculpt for the Robot Chicken 3.75” gi Joe style figure by Chicken Nugget Enterprises in which I also own and cherish equally.

    e) The Outer Space Men by Four Horseman. This series is made up of glyos reproductions of the unreleased production samples from designs made by Mel Birnkrant in 1969. I own just over half a dozen of the different characters in different designs including carded paint variants of Inferno and Cyclops. Anyone not familiar with this line of figures should check it out.”
  5. Do you have anything artistic coming up in the near future? For example do you have any shows or pieces you are currently working on? Collaborations?:  ”
    2018 should prove to be a busy year for me. I am currently working on a studio upgrade to increase the quality of my product. So, that is an exciting prospect. Generally, I like to release figures as part of a series. So, you can expect to see more figures in the Riot Scum series, which is a collab between myself and Neil Devlin of Last Boss Comics. Neil, also did illustrations for my Life Day Story and Say Utinni figures which are a part of my movie poster mashup series which you can also expect to see more of. The R2-Devo figure will feature art by Moctoys and will be the 2nd release in my album mash up series colloboration with him.
    Also, I recently started working with a multi-media artist known as Cabbage Looper, who has a pretty snazzy 3d printer that he built himself. This opens up the possibilities to create original parts and designs rather than kit-bashing existing toys. Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the characters on the Star World action figure case released by Tara Toy Corp in 1977. I was bewildered by their similarity to Star Wars characters and it ignited my imagination by first introducing me to the concept of an alternate universe which nearly all of my present works are based. So, together with Cabbage Looper I’ve started working on original designs for these characters with astounding results. I have an amazing proto-type from the 3-d printer of the “vader” character and I hope to start reproducing it real soon.
     In addition, you can expect many random surprises from Buzzards Guts in the coming months!”IMG_20180119_155625IMG_20180117_204221

    For more information, or questions about this artist please use the following info below:

    Buzzard Guts on Tumblr
    I have bought some art pieces of Dain over the past year and he has an amazing concept and eye! He is definitely an artist to watch!
    Until next time!

Dear Clarissa…

Dear Clarissa,

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know there are some days that are hard. But other days will be and are enjoyable.

Sometimes you question yourself on what to do in life and what is your purpose. But that never gets answered in a day. It takes a whole lifetime to try out new things to see what makes sense for you and what does not.

It will be a lifetime effort of trial and error but it should never seem like a contest. Just do the best you can. And when you think you are alone just stop and remember all the family and friends that love you.

The most important thing you yourself can do is love yourself. Share kindness and show encouragement to others. Remember that the world is sometimes cruel and cold but by no means you have to be.




A quick guide to the CC flash Sale!

Hello! The criterion Collection is once again offering 50% off all of the current CC’s for the next 24 hours! So if you are unsure of what to put in your cart or am looking for some different from your regular normal purchases. Here is my quick guide to my top five picks!  Please note I am try not to do repeating titles from past articles I have posted~! Here is my top five must grabs during the sale:


  1. 6_BD_box_348x490_original  Beauty and the Beast directed by Jean Cocteau (1946)- I know there is countless variations of this fairy tale classic but I enjoy this version a bit more due to this darker undertones.
  2. 29_DF_box_348x490_original  Picnic at Hanging Rock directed by Peter Weir (1975)-this is the kind of movie kind lingers in your movie. A true mix of mystery, drama that centers around a group of girls that go out on a field trip on Valentine’s  day and never ever made it back.
  3. 396_DF_box_348x490_original Ace in the Hold directed by Billy Wilder (1951)- Kirk Douglas is a conniving newspaper reporter that has done and will continue to do anything humanly possible to get his story. But has he gone to far this time?
  4. 421_pierre_original Pierrot le Fou directed by Jean-Luc Godard (1965) this movie is a mixture of themes. A bit of drama, comedy and mystery rolled into a six year road trip starring one of my favorite actors Jean-Paul Belmondo and also starring Anna Karina.
  5. 838_BD_box_348x490_original Pan’s Labyrinth directed by Guillermo del Toro (2006)- this was the first movie I saw by Guillermo Del Toro in the theaters. It was such a magical moment to see such a dark fairy tale unfold on screen. This movie also taught me that even adults should never ever loose their childhood imagination.


Happy shopping! Comment below and let me know what everyone ended up getting from the sale!

Until next time!