Banned book week!

Banned book week is here and is celebrated from September 24-30. What is Banned book week you ask?  Well is emphasizes our freedom to have “expressed ideas that is consider unorthodox or unpopular” in book form.  There have been many books that have been either challenged or banned from readers to  access in schools and public libraries.  Today I was highlight five books from the Frequently Classic books”. I picked titles I haven’t selected before and in random order.  


Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (1971)- this book is about a 15 year old girl who has a dependency to drugs only to run away from home and overdoses.  

-why was it banned or challenged?: this book is on my most frequently challenged list( it is number one in the high school library challenged book list)due to its wide variety of profanity, sex, rape and drug use. 


Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs (1959)-  has short but connected passages that focuses on the William Lee a junkie that travels to the US to Mexico using different names and other weird fantasy like places.  

-why was it banned or challenged?: This book was actually banned in 1962 in Boston due to its description of child killing and scenes of pedophillia.  


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote (1966)- describes the real killings of the Clutter Family in Holocomb, Kansas back in 1966.  

-why was it banned or challenged?: this book was banned in Savannah, Georgia when a complaint from a parent cited the book for having too much profanity, sex and violence.  


Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (1951)-  meant as a book for adults it has become a cult much read for teens because of its discussions of young adolescent angst and alienation. The main character Holden Caulfield is considered a teenage icon because in the books he deals with tough subjects as finding out who he is, belonging, loss and finding value in the world.  

–why was it banned or challenged?: 

From 1961-1982 it has been frequently challenged in various high schools and libraries in the US. It was banned Issaquah, Washington for conveying communist themes in the plot. The description I gave about the book is mainly why it’s been so frequently banned and challenged.  


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962) by Ken Kesseuy- it’s about a psychiatric hospital in Oregon and the lives of the patients that dwell within it. The narrator focuses on one character named Randle Patrick McMurphy who brings in a rebellious spirit into the ward.  

–why was it banned or challenged?: from 1974-1978 the book was banned various public schools for its use of showboating criminal activity, and descriptions of bestiality, huge amounts of violence, death and dismemberment.  

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Man of the Moment: Cookie Monster 

Cookie Monster you are this week’s man of the moment! 

Cookie Monster made his debut in 1969 and this googley eyed blue monster is know for hisappetite for everything cookie and cookie related! 

But honestly when he does get hungry he has no preference in what he eats and that can include fruits and vegetables to forks and spoons! 

In his spare time he has a lot of interests and hobbies ranging from singing disco songs and ballads about his beloved cookies to writing for late night comedy shows.  

He even likes to dabble in acting and has done various roles but the most memorable one for me was when he was the cloud in one of prairie dawn plays.  

Cookie Monster is a lover of the arts and even did a show called Monsterpiece Theater.  

He is one of my favorite characters and don’t let his name fool you he is so much more that just a monster who loves to eat cookies! That is why COOKIE MONSTER IS THE MAN OF THE MOMENT! 

Phantom of the Paradise

Today’s movie of the day is “Phantom of the Paradise” directed by Brian De Palma.  

Released on October 31, 1974 and stars Jessica Harper, Paul Williams, and William Finley.    

William Finley plays Winslow a composer who by luck catches the attention of a music producer named Swan. Swan feels that Winslow’s music is a perfect fit for his new concert hall: “the Paradise.” Swan holds auditions for a female singer and comes across a singer named Phoenix (played by Jessica Harper) which becomes both Winslow and Swan’s love interest.  

Swan steals Winslow’s music and when Winslow confronts him he is beaten up and thrown in jail on a framed drug deal.  

While in jail Winslow goes thru some mess up experiments like getting his teeth removed and metal teeth.  

Winslow gets word while in jail that one of Swan’s bands has a hit record that were Winslow’s compositions. This causes him to break out of jail and seek revenge at Death Records (Swan Record label).  

However Winslow’s revenge is short lived because he ends up disfigured and destroying his vocal chords. He is so distraught with his appearance that he turns into the Phantom.  


I don’t want to give too much away about this movie. Although what attracted me most to this movie was the amazing soundtrack! After you watch it the soundtrack lingers in your mind!  

I definitely recommend this movie! 

Until next time!