Artist’s Spotlight: Chris Crowell

Today’s artist’s spotlight is on Chris Crowell. He is self taught painter artist from Illinois. He tried many other artistic venues like photography, sculpting,and drawing but found his passion of painting about seven years ago and stuck with it.

He is an late 80s/early 90s kid and the his paintings seem to reflect a lotof references  from  those decades. As well as other staple horror icons.  

For more info on Chris Crowell his IG is @chriscrowell.artist 

He also has an esty store:  

Here are some examples of his work: 


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Movie of the day: WNUF Halloween Special 

Today movie of the day is WNUF Halloween Special (2013) directed by Chris LaMartina (although parts of the film are filmed by various directors: James Branscome, Shawn Jones, Scott Maccubbin, Lonnie Martin, Matthew Menter & Andy Schoeb)  

The movie passes off as found footage of a Halloween Special from channel WNUF channel 28. The  aired  date was on October 31, 1987 of news reporter Frank Stewart who was board casting live his investigation of the Webber house.  

The Webber house was reportedly haunted because of a couple that was  horrifically murder there by there son.  

Frank Stewart enlists a paranormal investigation husband and wife team and a Catholic priest to the house for a live seance and things quickly go haywire during the live board cast.  


The live news cast is interrupted by cheesy but entertaining 80’s commercials which breaks up the horrific scenes that are happening to Stewart team!

This movie is definitely worth a watch! 

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