Top 5 must buy during the CC Barnes& Noble sale: Fall 2018

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Long time no write! I just need to take a personal writing break due to many personal events that took place in October. But I am back just in time to write about Barnes and Nobles Criterion Collection 50% off sale!!! I know that these sales might be overwhelming and often are left wondering how to choose over 700 titles that ones you want to add to your movie collection. So I offer some titles you may not think of right away or want to stray off your normal movie buying routine….

Here in no particular order…


The Princess Bride (number #948) Directed by Rob Reiner 1987)- I remember the first time I watch this was on cable TV when I was eight years old and it started my fascination of Andre the Giant. It also spark my fantasy of having a grandparent who would stay with me when  I was sick and tell me fairy tales.


Shampoo (number #947) Directed by Hal Ashby 1975)- Hal Ashby is one of my favorite directors. I always felt he was able to successfully capture these off beat random characters of people and show them with such heart on the screen. Shampoo is a mixture of kind a mockumentary and dark comedy rolled into one movie.


And the ship Sails on (#50 directed by Federico Fellini 1984) this is one of my favorite Fellini movies. The first ten minutes of this movie is in black and white and totally silent perhaps as a homage to silent film. Like all of  Felllini’s movies it offer it’s array of usual characters and I feel like they draw in your attention so much that you feel like you are part of the movie.


Some like it Hot (# 950 directed by Billy Wilder 1959) (Release date is 11/6/2018) I remember that this was the first movie I watched on Turner Classic Movie channel and it was so funny! And I have been an avid fan of Billy Wilder ever since and this is one of his movies that every time I have watched I noticed something new. So when the Criterion Collection announced that this movie was going to be part of their collection I was so excited to pre- ordered it.


Bigger than Life (#507 directed by Nicholas Ray 1956) One of my favorite actors is James Mason and he is fantastic in this movie. This movie kind of stood out in the 1950’s because it dealt with James Mason playing a teacher who deals with prescription drug problem.


The sale will last until December 3rd so you have a couple of weeks to figure out what you might want go with or indulge because this sale happens here maybe up to 4 times a year?

Happy shopping!!!!

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The second time I saw him we decided to meet up halfway between where we live. It was the first time I ever driven by myself beyond two states. I was kind of nervous to do it but something in the back of my mind said your heart is telling you that this is right. So I drove and hardly stop for any breaks because I knew the further I drove the closer I was in seeing him. It took me five hours to drive but during the last hour of my trip I saw flames up ahead. A car caught on fire and it and it was blazing up the sky. I saw a man walking away from the car not sure if he had an accident or set the fire himself. I drove past the fire. I got to my destination and found him in the parking lot by his car and there I saw that driving all the way not only physically but also out of my comfort zone was worth seeing him.

Haunted first House

My mom told me a story about the first house that her and my dad bought as we were driving by a random road one day.

She said that when they had my brother they realized that the apartment they were living in was too small and decided to search for a house. So a couple of months later they found a small and quaint house at a very affordable price. They moved in the late winter and was fully settled into the house by the middle of spring. Since the house was small my brother had the bigger room upstairs and my parents had there bedroom downstairs.

One spring day when my dad was moving the grass one of there neighbors approached him, introduce himself and they got to talking. The neighbor asked my dad if he was aware what happen to the person that live in their house before they did. My dad said no. The neighbor preceded to tell my dad that there was a gentleman who lived in the house alone and one day he hung himself in the home upstairs.

Later that day my dad told my mom what the neighbor had told him and every day when she was alone taking care of my brother or doing her chores she would sometimes hear noises but she was so scared to see where they were coming from.

Also when my brother would sleep in his crib in his room upstairs and cry in the middle of the night my parents would be so hesitate in going upstairs.


Needless to say in the summer my parents decided to sell the house and move!


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Welcome to the Insta-hood: @nightliquid_retro !

Welcome to this week’s installment of Welcome to the Insta-hood. This week I interviewed @nightliquid_retro

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.                                                                                                 “Hi, thank you so much for having me. I’m Sebastian. I grew up in San Jose, California, but I live in Berlin now and work as a sound designer & music producer. I’m obsessed with synthesizers, retro gadgets and 80s goth music.”
  2.  How did you come up with your IG name?                                                                     “The goal was to come up with a catchy, yet weird name that means absolutely nothing. Mission accomplished!”
  3. What inspire to create your theme on your IG?                                                     “Imagine walking into a toy store as a kid. You’re overwhelmed by excitement – fascinating, colourful objects everywhere, new discoveries behind every corner. “Oh, I’ve seen that on TV before! Oh, but what’s this, right next to it? I need it!” You want them all, but you can never have them all. This is precisely the emotion I want to evoke when people visit my profile.”
  4. What are your top five items you have posted on your feed and why?                     “Pac-Man Watch by Nelsonic (1982)” nelsonic

“As a kid, video game watches were the holy grail of awesomeness. Obviously the gaming experience was very limited, but it was a portable videogame that you could proudly display on your wrist.”

Sony D-88 Discman (1988)


“A classic case of style over substance. However, I still love the fact that this came out in an era were even huge corporations were experimenting and taking risks with product design. Everything was possible.”

Yamaha QY10 Mini Music Workstation (1990)


“This was a pretty ground breaking concept back in the day: A portable & battery powered music production workstation, smaller and lighter than the original Nintendo Gameboy. Of course it was very limited and not very intuitive, but the idea to sketch out full song is a very appealing idea, even nowadays.”

Nintendo / Sharp – Famicon Titler (1989)


“This is a very rare Japanese version of the Nintendo Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) that allows users to edit video, even for adding sound, animation and subtitles. It’s fascinating that such a thing even exists.”

Casio – CK 200 Keyboard Boombox (1985):

Casio_CK 200_Keyboard Boombox

“A portable music playback device that allows you to play along to the music and add beats? Awesome! This is pretty much everything I’m interested in combined into one neat little box. Casio made so many cool gadgets back in the 80s, it’s ridiculous. Game watches, game calculators, synthesizers, keyboard boomboxes, the list is endless.”

5.  What decade would you consider to have best gadgets and why?                                   “I’ll definitely have to go with the 80s. The portable consumer electronics market was still in its infancy; many companies were still testing the waters. Oh and not to forget: The instantly recognizable 80s tech product design aesthetic. Lovely.”

If you would like more information on Nightliquid_Retro his contact info is below:

IG: @nightliquid_retro


Thank you for the interview!

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Soundtrack of the week: Shock Treatment

This week’s soundtrack write up belongs to 1981’s Shock Treatment!ShockTreatment-Overture-FrontCoverL It is a movie directed by Jim Sharman. It was also co-written by Sharman and Richard O’Brien.


Richard O’Brien is the same person who wrote “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” And like Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment is full of dance worthy tracks! There is a on going debate whether Shock Treatment is a continual of Rocky Horror Picture Show but I am not going to pick  a side on that debate.

There are some returning characters but they are not played by the same actors. They are returning actors (like Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn and Little Nell Campbell) but they are not playing the same roles they did in Rocky Horror. So it is really your own called whether or not you feel like this is a continual or something that is completely on it’s own from Rocky Horror.

The movie has Janet and Brad Majors (played by Jessica Harper and Cliff De Young) who have recently been married and visit the town of Denton, Ohio. The town is now owned by a major company called Farley Favors and now the whole town of Denton lives within a TV studio.ST-HomeOfHappinessL

While Janet and Brad visit a live taping of Denton they are picked out from the audience as contestants for a game show. The prize from the show was getting Brad into a mental hospital and  Janet transformed into a major TV pop star. Throughout the whole time there are various songs that discussing Denton, and the relationship of Brad and Janet.

I picked three random songs from the soundtrack to discuss:Shocky-Soundtrack-DiscLabelBack

Denton, U.S.A:


This is one of the opening songs and it is one of my favorites from the soundtrack. It’s up tempo beat and weird town anthem of what they envisioned there perfect town to be.

Shock Treatment:

This is the main song and it is sung in the mental hospital that Brad is held prisoner in. Janet has reveal her true diva self to Brad and he is helpless to do anything about it because is trapped in a cage.

Bitchin ‘In Kitchen:

This song is sung while Brad and Janet are on the game show. They are airing out their problems and difficulties they have in their marriage so far. The game show host concludes that the best prize for them is that Brad have a “mental check up.”


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