Soundtrack of the Day: Streets of Fire

One of my early childhood memories is of my brother driving me to places. He always took me places he needed to go when my parents couldn’t find a sitter and when my sister didn’t want to watch me. He would often take me to soccer practice with him and I always remember him speeding off with me in his car to a particular set of songs. But being so young at the time I had no idea where the songs came from until a couple of years later I was watching HBO and came across this movie: Streets-of-Fire-Diane-Lane

And Diane Lane (or it appeared she was) was singing this song:

I automatically recognized it as one of the songs my brother would have at full volume and literally be speeding and driving to. Meanwhile I would be in the back seat of the car having a total blast dancing in my buckled seat when the window down. From that flash back of memories I decided to sit down and started to watch the movie from start to finish.

The movie was:


Streets of Fire was directed by Walter Hill and made its debut in 1984. It was deemed as an “rock and roll fable and it is kind of hard to narrow the kind of  movie genre it belongs in because it a mix of a musical drama with a flair of dark noir and comedic overtones.

It stars Diane Lane, Michael Pare and William Dafoe (one of my favorite actors!):



It is about a renegade (played by Micheal Pare) who comes back to his hometown only to learned that his ex-girlfriend (played by Diane Lane) gets kidnapped by a biker gang. The whole movie revolves around this plot of trying to get her back.

It is really rare that a movie and a soundtrack can stand alone and I feel like this soundtrack is one of the few that can completely stand apart from the film. streetsoffirearockrollfable_4669MI0000044886

The song “I Can Dream About You” even made it onto Billboard’s Top 10 in 1984 and I was genuinely surprised that song came from the Streets of Fire soundtrack!

As I got older the more I was able to appreciate both the movie and soundtrack not just because of the great combo of songs and cult movie status of it. It became a fond childhood memory of my bond between my brother and I.



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The Fear Street Book Club (May Edition!)

A couple of weeks ago we held our second book club discussion about R.L. stine’s The Boy Next Door

I would like to thank Jessica, Sarah, Jason and Sarah for an active group discussion on this title!

And now for May’s book club selection (picked by Sarah O.!)

We will be having our next book club discussion on May 10th on The New Year’s Party. If you would like to join please dm me for more information!

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Artist’s Spotlight: Katie Winchester (@vhsgirl)

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on Vhsgirl.

1. Why do you paint tapes?

“Honestly, I just love tapes. I’ve grown up with tapes, and all my child-hood memories are on tapes. I’ve hauled my collection to college, and through various roommates and relationships. I’ve downgraded and upgraded and completely fucking given up on them and then STARTED COLLECTING FEVERISHLY AGAIN the next year. I’ve gone from 50, 100, to now a thousand, randomly curating Rutger Hauer, Arnold Swarzenegger and Whoopie Goldberg sections because they’re not only cheap, but they have the best aesthetic I’ve ever seen. I wondered if anyone else felt the same way. image5        A few years ago I finally searched online for a tape community, and I found a surprising number of rad nerdy folks online interested in trading tapes, beta, laserdisc, sending doodle VHS bootlegs and generally just posting pictures of movies and discussing them.image12

After a while of seeing all this great art from my friends that I couldn’t afford, I decided the only way I could trade with anyone is if I made rad art too. Also I had comissioned 3 VHS paintings from my favorite local artist and he was incredibly encouraging that if I wanted to do it myself, all I had to do was practice. (Also I think he wasn’t into me comissioning 400 of my favorite movies over the years) So now here I am, 3 years later, and I have about 4-600 paintings under my belt. If all of the paintings were lined on a wall by year right now, I could literally track my growth as a painter, which is pretttty cool.

So now I paint tapes while watching tapes about 4 days a week. It’s kind of the best job ever.”image4

2. What is your favorite piece you have made so far and why?

“Oh, definitely the Toxic Avenger that you snagged and the very last one I’ve painted so far! I’ve been learning to paint for 3 years and for someone who used to only doodle stick figures, taking on a magnificent Troma box was scary. The cover art for their movies was sometimes better than the movies, dare I say? Nuke Em High’s cover is also choice!image10

Also pretty proud of the Roadhouse Trilogy I did, though. I can’t believe they forgot to put Sam Elliot and Taxidermy Bear on the cover with Swayze. AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THE THROAT RIPS!


3.What top five movies are you really into right now and why?

“I’d have to admit this, but I’ve been watching a lot more TV recently (don’t kill me!)
1. Twin Peaks the Return, though watching it while simultaneously reading Reddit theories is advisable.
2. Cheers! It’s surprisingly more sexist than I could have ever imagined, so I had a hard time easing into it at first (that damn Sam and Diane!) but once I fell in love with Coach, Cliff and Carla, I was in for the long run. I’m only at season 3 right now, but season 4 has Woody Harrelson!
But as for movies….
3. Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3. Angela is such a babe. I wish I could be so witty and thoughtful while serial murdering.
4. Anything with Harry Dean Stanton. I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye. I guess I’ll just keep binging on Red Dawn and Paris Texas til then (also his last movie Lucky was worth a watch!)
5. The Breadwinner. It was on Netflix, I was in the mood for a good cry, and fuuuuuck, I got what I came for.

4. I notice you are doing something on Patreon, can you talk about it?

“After talking to other artists at Miami Basel last year, most of them had Patreons. It’s a low-impact way of your friends and followers who like your art to help in growing an artist’s business. Sure, I make enough money to cover my bills, but most independent businesses have rough months, and they constantly struggle to find ways to promote their products and grow (you can donate even a one time $1 donation).image11

Patreon also makes you list goals, my first one being GET THAT DENTAL. If you’d rather donate to another goal, #2 on my agenda is merch, so I can gamble more easily on that festival booth if I have more things to sell than hand-painted wood blocks. This while also help grow my business!

And hey, if you don’t wanna help an artist financially, you can always just put them in your podcast, or do a write up in your blog, or repost their art or just tell them they’re doing great!”image6

5. Do you have any exciting shows, collections etc you are currently working on?

“Til April 9th, 40 or so paintings are on display at my local theatre in Carbondale, IL. Everything’s super cheap to help raise money for renovations! We have two AMCs in town and nothing else so helping them is rad!

Other than that, I’ve been pumping out the jams that are displayed video-rental style at Red Truck Gallery in New Orleans and am currently working on a show for Moolah Theatre in St. Louis. Also taking commissions 24/7. Seriously. Email me at 3 am and see what happens.”

If you like to know more about Katie and/or request an art piece her contact information is her IG:  @vhsgirl image1

thank you so much for the interview Katie!

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Welcome to the Insta-hood: Arianablacks

Hello and welcome to this week’s Welcome to the Insta-hood! This week I interviewed IG-er: @arianablacks

1.Tell me a little about yourself.                                                                                                    “My name is Ariana, I amtwenty years old, born and raised in New Jersey, land of Overkill, seedy shoreside motels, and the best diners imaginable. On a regular day you can find me watching a stack of Italian horror movies and spinning vinyl. Graphic design student by day, heavy metal aficionado by night. Not only all that fun stuff, but I am also in the slow but sure process of starting up a band/music project.”collage

2.  Describe your fashion:

“I’ve always loved the dynamic of mixing masculinity and femininity. Denim and leather, as Saxon would say. Studs, spikes, spandex, chains and anything in between. Photos of traditional metal bands with females in them help me dream up outfits. Photos of bands like Blacklace, Jade, Warlock, Chastain, Girlschool. In reality, any outfit can be completed if you just throw on a leather or denim jacket and a decent pair of shoes, so it’s not all that formulaic.”Inter


3. Who are your top 3-5 fashion icons and why? 

A majority my fashion icons are also my musical heroes, so it’s nice to have the best of both worlds. I’m a huge fan of bands that sport stage costumes with craftsmanship so it would be sinful not to mention the forerunners of this, the almighty Judas Priest whose stagewear is done by Ray Brown. Brown did a bunch of other bands clothing like Maiden, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Megadeth, and the list goes on. I loved the grittiness of Blackie Lawless’ clothing back in his prime. Not that I’d ever rock a codpiece, but it’s certainly a memorable accessory. Whether it was this era of Blackie’s style evolution or when he started downtoning his look and donning fringe jackets more, I love it all. To put the icing on the cake, I draw a lot of influence from the eighties scream queens, in particular Linnea Quigley. She had one hell of an edge to her look that I could relate to. Even when she was in frills, she always had the leather gloves to compliment her look. Speaking of that, I heard that Linnea was in a Motorhead video (If anyone has more information on this I BEG OF YOU TO TELL ME IT. Does it even exist? Was it scrapped? I need the answers! Metal maniacs, let me know!). …Getting back on track, all those girl gang movies like Savage Streets and 3:15 played a big role in shaping how I dress.”leather gloves

4. What has been a highlight event for you this year?                                                              “The year is only off to a start so far, but one experience I have cherished (although, occurring last year) was Defenders of the Old Festival in New York City which was the last one ever to be hosted. It’s quite unfortunate that places like Europe have such a grounds to support their metal musicians, compared to  America, as musicians have to opt for smaller scale venues like bars and pubs. It’s only recently that these European-style festival have sprung up in the states, but they are scattered miles away and are not comparable whatsoever. It was cool to see the influx of metal lovers from all over the country, even some of my own friends who flew in all the way from Australia to support the bands on the bill. It was special to see one of my personal favorites, Bitch, play a full set as Betsy cranked out her dominatrix whip. Other honorable mentions of that night would be Sweden’s Mindless Sinner, Frigid Bich, and Cirith Ungol. It’s cool to interact with fans that have seen these bands shows back in the eighties and still remember it like it was tomorrow, telling their stories about the gigs, and still raving about it today. I encountered lots of those people, and it’s certainly a treasure to hear for people in my age range, who have kindred souls.” 

5. What is your current soundtrack?                                                                                                 “I rotate most of the same stuff, but now and then dig deeper into discographies. I’ve currently been rotating between Brainfever, Nasty Savage, Crossfire, Deathslayer, and Savage Thrust’s Eat ‘Em Raw album.”


If you have any questions for Ariana her contact information is  her IG:



Thank you for letting me interview you Ariana!


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Artist’s Spotlight: James Monk

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on James (IG: @rasterms37)

1. Describe your art atheistic.                                                                                                       “My art is an extension of my experiences and what I am, have been, and will be. I don’t limit the powers of creativity.  Voices in me speaking out in an artistic way. My voices of experience of communication and life.”image15.JPGimage2

2.  You recently went to Colombia: Can you discuss a bit about your trip? Why did you go? What did you do?                                                                                                                       ” To be honest the Colombia trip was two things. First, I found love far away so I had to reach it. Second my mothers side of my family is Colombian and I had never gone. Really it has completely changed me. The world is so big. I am a nobody if I don’t see it. If I don’t feel it. If I don’t create in it. I met ancestors. I created art. I fell in love, I painted walls and dove deep into the ways of the people there. My roots. I learned that I need to keep traveling further into myself, into love, And the world. To stay creative at all times till my last breath.image5image8

3.Where do you find inspiration when creating a piece and who/what are your influences?:                                                                                                                                           “I find creativity in traveling, in music, in other artist. Who influences me changes as I grow. At my stage now I can say Jean Dubbufett, Malevich, Depoe, Miro, of course Haring, so many. Life inspires me, sci-fi inspires me, emotions inspire me…shit everything at different moments in life.”image10

4.  I have noticed that you post a lot of robots: Who are your top three robots and why? “Lol all the robots from the blackhole, all the robots from shogun warriors, all the robots from Star Wars, robots from thx 1138, I can keep going. I love robots, the robot figure forms from the group kraftwerk, transformer, Tron, I can keep going. Lol, Voltron, robotek, Rom, I can keep going lol!!!!!!”

5. Do you have any future shows, collaborations, projects you would like to share?            “I have a solo show in Chicago that I will be announcing soon. I’m hyped about that show. It’s gonna be my launching pad to shoot me back out to the world outside of the United States. I wanna live outside of the U.S. for a long time.” image17image14

If you like to contact James his contact information is :

IG @rasterms37





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