Welcome to the Insta-hood: @Pulpster

Welcome to this week’s round of Welcome to the Insta-hood. This week I interviewed IG account @pulpster

  1.  Tell me a little about yourself.                                                                                       “Latino Australian born in the 60s who got his love of pulp art from crime novels my mother used to read.”
  2. What made you want to create your Pulpster feed?                                                     “Back in 2012 there was little to no pulp art on IG and I wanted to introduce people to its great artists.”
  3.  Who are your top five pulp artists and why? “Top five in order:
    Frazetta- Quite simply a genius and visualised Conan perfectly. Conan the Adventurer
    Steranko- A brilliant innovator whose love for pulps and comic art is infectious:unnamed (2)
    Bruce Pennington- the greatest scifi artist of all: 26993_p
    Mort Kunstler- his art is pure pulp eye candy: Mort Kunstler, The Night the Mob Took Over Thrill Park, For Men Only magazine cover
    James Bama- his hyper realist Doc Savage covers singlehandedly brought pulps back to the mainstream.” 5134-2
  4. What are three movies that would best describe your personality and why?unnamed (3)                                                                                    “Cool Hand Luke not because I’m cool (or look like Newman) but because that whole vibe about an antihero who wins people’s hearts by sheer persistence sits right with me.
    Desperate Measures because it has my favourite movie line: “Do you want to find out where you end and I begin?”from Michael Keaton which reflects my own personal depth of characterdesperate-measures01
    Jaws because it features three Alpha males- all different in their own way- who are on an impossible mission but come out victorious. I’m an old school male and i’m glad I am.” unnamed
  5. How long does it take you to come up with your creative puns for your posts? Can you share a couple of your favorite ones you came up with?                                     “The puns depend. Sometimes it takes an eternity to think of something mildly amusing. Other times I’m on a roll and I make myself laugh with what I come up with. My fave pun is on a crime pulp cover painted by Rafael De Soto. It depicts a hand sticking out of a painting on a wall and pointed at an unsuspecting protagonist. I titled it ” Framed For Murder”. It’s actually not a pun come to think of it, just a play on words which still makes me chuckle.”

If you have any questions for Pulpster his IG is: @pulpster


Thank you so much for the interview!!


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Soundtrack of the day: Phantom of the Paradise

Today’s soundtrack of the day is from the movie Phantom of the Paradise. It is as film directed by Brian De Palma and stars Jessica Harper, Paul Williams and William Finley. This is probably my favorite movies by Brian De Palma and it is mostly due to the amazing and catchy soundtrack!


All the songs and lyrics on the soundtrack are by Paul Williams. He also starred in the movie as Swan a record boss of Death Records. Swan is an extremely evil person who cares about his youth,money and his success. MV5BNzkwNmE4NmMtZGJlNi00NDViLTg1MGYtMTYxNmU2NDY1Njk3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTEwODg2MDY@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1424,1000_AL_The movie centers around Swan’s newest venture a rock and roll palace and he is need of music for his opening night. He hears Winslow’s music and is convince and determined that Winslow’s compositions and lyrics are perfect for his big opening night performance! So he is determined by any means to get Winslow’s music!Phantom-of-the-Paradise-at-The-Frida-Cinema

I will only discussed three songs (I had a very hard time just choosing three! However I adore all of the songs on the soundtrack equally so the selections were picked at random!)

“Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye”

The movie opens up to this song and it is a total homage to the music of the 1950’s.


Even though the beat sounds happy and danceable pay attention to the lyrics. They are a quite sad and somber.



“The Hell of It”

This song is sung by Paul Williams and you only heard this song during the ending credits. It’s a short song but I have to admit when I first watched this movie and went head over heels with the soundtrack. This song was the probably the first song I had on repeat for days on end! Paul Williams actually performed this song on the Brady Bunch Hour.

“Special To Me” sung by Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper plays Phoenix an up and coming actress. As her audition she sings this song and pretty much lands the audition.


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Lady.cult’s Rummage’s Sale!

Hello and welcome to a new part of my blog called Lady.cult’s Rummage Sale. I will be selling some of my items from my personal collection every couple of months.

Here is the breakdown of how this will go:

The price will be as listed plus priority shipping.

I will send the item(s) within 2 to 5 working days when payment is received.

I will provide a tracking number with your order.

I will only accept payment via PAYPAL. Everything price is in US dollars

No returns on items unless there is something absolutely wrong with the item.

If you are interested in an item and have questions please DM via my Lady.cult or retro.cult Instagram pages. Also if you do not have IG please email me only if you are seriously buying anything listed below at cnajera1@gmail.com

I will remove the listing below for the item once it is completely sold!

Let the sale BEGIN!!!


Naked Lunch Paperback book- This gem of a book is by William S. Burroughs and part of the banned book list. Condition- Good PRICE: $2.00+shipping.


Night of the Demons DVD (2004) this fun 80’s horror flick is directed by Kevin Tenney. Condition of DVD: Like new  and this movie has never been played.

PRICE: $8.00+ Shipping


Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital by David Oshinsky. There is so much rich crazy history about this hospital.

Condition: Good Hardback

Price: $3.00+plus shipping


Death to Smoochy. OK so I tried REALLY hard to like this movie….but I just couldn’t do it. So I thought it might have a better chance for someone else to enjoy it!

Condition: Good played once

Price: $3.00+ shipping


If you been to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia then you are aware of who this man is. If not….then take this opportunity to read about him in this lovely hardback book!

Condition: Good

Price: $5.00+shipping



Cooking price-wise with Vincent Price. Same Story as Toxie I have two of these. This book is extremely rare and you don’t see it often. If you are a Vincent Price fan and want to make his recipes this is definitely the book for you!!! The condition of this book is good to very good.

Ebay has one listed for $160.00

My price is $85.00+ shipping!


Happy shopping!


(Author’s note: I am writing this section based on my interpretation, emotions and feelings and not anyone’s else. This will be  continually section every month)


I remember the first time I talked to him was in the middle of August it was a quick message here through social media and there and it eventually progressed into texting then finally calling. I never met him before at the point but something in the way we would talk about random things and each other was quite comforting to me. One day on the phone he asked me if he could drive out  to come visit me….I was kind of taken aback because it was only a short time we were talking. I say yes but was surprised by my response because I am extremely hesitant about meeting new people. I am not a person of secrets or drama but I have never been a social person but something in my gut told me that this person is a good person.

I met him on a Saturday in mid September. It was during the twilight time where the sun is going down and the moon wants to take it turn  being out.  I saw him walking towards me and then past me because I was sitting on a bench facing the opposite direction of where he was walking. I yelled out “Keep walking!” and he stopped and turned. He smiled as he walked towards me and as I got up to meet him halfway. I finally got a good look at him. That was the first time I had ever had direct eye contact with him, and within that first exchanged of looks I had a feeling that I never experienced before. I felt like I was meeting my best friend from decades ago and this is something we routinely do. Even though this was the first time we ever saw each other face to face……