Movie pick of the day!

Sausage Party (2016) directed by Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon 

 This entertaining adult cartoon is not your average Disney movie. Crude and funny puns and jokes are abound in this. If you need something different from your routine movie list then I highly recommend this! 

Man of the Moment…

This week’s Man of the Moment is….

Uncle Fester


This creepy but hilarious uncle has made this week’s man of the moment. I was first introduced to him through the Addams’s Family movies from the mid 90’s.



I was the huge fan of the movies and did not realized there was a show from the 1950’s and started watching that too.


After the huge success of the movies there was a cartoon series by Hanna-Barbera.


Uncle Fester is the kind of uncle that would either get you in trouble, doing something totally gothic and creepy or he will be the first person in your family most likely to get you out of a jam. Either way you would be laughing the whole entire time with him .


Uncle Fester congrats on being this week’s man of the moment! *Snap*snap*