Wo(man) of the Moment….

I know I usually do a weekly (or monthly) “Man of the Moment” but I decided for this week to feature a woman. So…..

Dazzler you are this week’s Woman of the Moment!




Her real name is Alison Blair she is a mutant and is part of the X-Men! Her abilities include turning sound vibrations in to energy and light beams. She first got really into disco music but as the decades progress so did her musical taste.


The idea of  the Dazzler character came from Casablanca Records because of the collaboration of  the band KISS and their comic book tie ins was so successful they wanted a repeat. So the agreement was that Marvel Comics we create a singer female superhero and Casablanca Records would make a singer base off of that.


However there was disagreements between the Marvel team who were responsible in creating Dazzler: John Romita Jr. and Tom DeFalco and Filmworks (who wanted to make a movie based on the comic) on who Dazzler should be based off of. Marvel wanted Drazzler to resemble singer and model Grace Jones.


However Filmworks wanted to showcase Bo Derek and they were very vocal on changing Dazzler’s physical features to reflect more to Bo Dereks’. They couldn’t really agree so the movie was shelved and never filmed.


Despite all of this I think she is one of my new favorite X-men mutant and that is why she deserves to be “WOMAN OF THE WEEK!!!”



We Didn’t Start the Fire

Today music video of the day is “We didn’t start the Fire” by Billy Joel (1989)


From his album “Storm Front”. This song Billy Joel belts out about a 100 headlines that happened between 1949 (the year Billy Joel was born) until 1989 when the song was release.


The idea for this song came about when Billy Joel ran into Sean Lennon in a recording studio. A then 21 old year Lennon said that it was a terrible time being 21 and Joel replied that they were harder times when he was growing up in the the 1950’s. Lennon believed that nothing really bad happened during that time frame. From that conversation Joel was compelled to write this song.


The music video was directed by Christ Blum and centers around a middle class couple in the 1950’s that wanted to achieved the “American dream”.  Their upwards mobility is show by there kitchen getting constantly upgraded to the next best upgrade by decade until the 1980’s. While all of this is happening Billy Joel plays the all knowing but “invisible” singer clad in all black and wears sunglasses. He is the only one that knows the trouble times ahead because he sees dark times which the video creates Joel space of a  black table that is on fire and a bunch of black and white photos of history’s darker times.

giphy (1)

Until Next time!